The Business Roundtable manifesto: Larry Fink, BlackRock, and the financial manipulation of corporations to push the Woke agenda

Most people are aware of the Woke antics of companies like Anheuser-Busch (makers of Bud Light), Netfix, and Target. When they’re not pushing the homosexual agenda, they’re peddling the transsexual agenda, or they’re promoting an anti-white agenda. How often nowadays do you see advertisements which include homosexuals, transsexuals, a disproportionate amount of non-whites, or a […]

The crisis of the modern Left

The ordinary law-abiding people of 75 years ago would all be considered “Far Right Nazi Fascists” today — not because they are any of those things, but because the modern Left has steadily become more and more deranged as time goes by. The ordinary working-class Leftists of 75 years ago would regard modern-day Leftists as […]

The fires of Saint-Brévin: Chickens coming home to roost?

Asylum seekers and the Mayor of Saint-Brévin French Leftists have plans to bring large numbers of so-called “asylum seekers” into the centre of the town of Saint-Brévin (located on the west coast of France), and situate the “reception centre” near to a school, even though it is widely known that non-white immigrants are associated with […]

I’m Just Sayin’ (song by Austin Moody)

A new song, played by Austin Moody, is a small part of the wider pushback against the Woke (Leftist) politics that is infesting America and much of the Western world. The song, created by Wynn Varble and Mike Louderilk, criticizes the transvestite agenda trying to get its claws into children (“leave my kids alone”), and […]

Off-Target [poem]

Target (USA) have been selling homosexual and transgender propaganda items aimed at influencing children, and there has been an uproar about it, with many people boycotting Target stores. #BoycottTarget has been trending on social media sites, such as Gab (where free speech is the guiding principle, unlike Facebook and Twitter). Target stores are dodgy places, […]

Hold to your principles [poem]

No matter what your enemies threaten or do, Hold to your principles, and always be true Many will be the attacks that they launch; But just stick to your guns, forever be staunch Hold high your torch — let the flame burn; And one day to come, the tide will then turn. A different version […]

The trial of Donald Trump

In a civil trial a jury in Manhattan (New York) has found Donald Trump liable for “sexually abusing” E. Jean Carroll, and for defaming her when he said she was lying. Carroll was awarded five million dollars. Following the trial result, Donald Trump posted a comment on his social media platform, Truth Social, saying “I […]

Get on to Gab [poem]

A lot of Big Tech is actually run by the Left, When it comes to free speech, they are really bereft; They block us, they ban us, they make us disgusted, If you express an opinion, they cannot be trusted In rainbow ivory towers, all those Leftists do dwell, They’ll ban the good people, but […]

The Marxist Teacher [poem]

[A piece of poetry about Communist and Leftist teachers brainwashing students in our schools.] I’m a revolutionary Marxist And I’m teaching in the schools; The parents think I’m great, But I treat them all as fools They think I’m teaching kids To research, read and write — Actually, I’m recruiting them To join Marxists in […]

Antifa brainwashing students

A recently-released video, from the good people at Project Veritas, shows a Leftist teacher caught on a hidden camera admitting that he misuses his position to indoctrinate school children. Gabriel Gipe, a teacher in California, was recorded by an undercover Project Veritas reporter bragging about how he would give his students extra credits if they […]