The Deep State versus Donald Trump in New York

The politicisation and weaponisation of legal systems in countries ruled by Leftist regimes is becoming more and more blatant. The outrageous lawfare being conducted against Donald Trump is a prime example, whilst the lenient treatment of Hunter Biden is another. With the current prosecution of Trump in New York, what we have is a politically-motivated […]

The January 6 Protest, Ray Epps, and the Leftist Establishment

The Leftist-dominated Federal government’s treatment of Ray Epps has been highly suspicious. Epps has been accused by many of being a “Fed” — many have alleged that he is an informant, an entrapment asset, and/or an agent provocateur (i.e. an asset beholden to Federal agents or Deep State players) who was embedded into the January […]

Damon Atkins and the right to protest

How often do Leftists disrupt Conservative events with counter-protests? It happens a lot. Those protests are usually characterised by lots of yelling, the use of megaphones, the beating of drums, and/or the use of various other noise-making implements. And do the police roll up, and tell them that they mustn’t be noisy, or else they’ll […]

Women cyclists lose to a transgender

A transgender “woman” cyclist Lesley (Wesley) Mumford, came 1st (out of 14) in the women’s 40-49 age group in the Colorado to Utah gravel race. He used to be a SWAT leader with the police, so it would make sense that he would have a decent level of fitness.[1] The women who came 2nd and […]

Donald Trump and the 2024 US Presidential election

Donald Trump is far from perfect — but he is the best Presidential candidate out of all of those who have a realistic chance at winning the election. There is little doubt that the re-election of Trump will push the Overton window in a pro-white direction. At the very least, it will rein in some […]

The Business Roundtable manifesto: Larry Fink, BlackRock, and the financial manipulation of corporations to push the Woke agenda

Most people are aware of the Woke antics of companies like Anheuser-Busch (makers of Bud Light), Netfix, and Target. When they’re not pushing the homosexual agenda, they’re peddling the transsexual agenda, or they’re promoting an anti-white agenda. How often nowadays do you see advertisements which include homosexuals, transsexuals, a disproportionate amount of non-whites, or a […]

I’m Just Sayin’ (song by Austin Moody)

A new song, played by Austin Moody, is a small part of the wider pushback against the Woke (Leftist) politics that is infesting America and much of the Western world. The song, created by Wynn Varble and Mike Louderilk, criticizes the transvestite agenda trying to get its claws into children (“leave my kids alone”), and […]

Off-Target [poem]

Target (USA) have been selling homosexual and transgender propaganda items aimed at influencing children, and there has been an uproar about it, with many people boycotting Target stores. #BoycottTarget has been trending on social media sites, such as Gab (where free speech is the guiding principle, unlike Facebook and Twitter). Target stores are dodgy places, […]

The trial of Donald Trump

In a civil trial a jury in Manhattan (New York) has found Donald Trump liable for “sexually abusing” E. Jean Carroll, and for defaming her when he said she was lying. Carroll was awarded five million dollars. Following the trial result, Donald Trump posted a comment on his social media platform, Truth Social, saying “I […]

Antifa brainwashing students

A recently-released video, from the good people at Project Veritas, shows a Leftist teacher caught on a hidden camera admitting that he misuses his position to indoctrinate school children. Gabriel Gipe, a teacher in California, was recorded by an undercover Project Veritas reporter bragging about how he would give his students extra credits if they […]