The January 6 Protest, Ray Epps, and the Leftist Establishment

Ray Epps, with comments from the Daily Mail website

The Leftist-dominated Federal government’s treatment of Ray Epps has been highly suspicious.

Epps has been accused by many of being a “Fed” — many have alleged that he is an informant, an entrapment asset, and/or an agent provocateur (i.e. an asset beholden to Federal agents or Deep State players) who was embedded into the January 6 protest.

Ray Epps had been identified many times, in multiple videos, actively encouraging patriots to go to the Capitol building to protest (on January 5th and 6th), but he was not charged by the FBI — despite Epps being listed as number 16 on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list at one stage (the FBI later quietly took Epps off their “Most Wanted” list, and removed his photo from the FBI website).

After massive publicity had been given to the suspicion that Epps was a government-sponsored plant (especially publicity generated by conservative political commentator Tucker Carlson), the Feds finally charged Epps with a misdemeanor for “disorderly or disruptive conduct on restricted grounds”, to which Epps pleaded guilty.

A commentator on the Daily Mail’s website said “What a farce. They are obviously charging him with a misdemeanor for show. He was a planted instigator and the Democrats know it.

Epps has been caught on video, on the night of January 5th, shouting to a crowd of patriots “Tomorrow, we need to go into the Capitol, into the Capitol!” A patriot exclaims “What?!”, people in the crowd start shouting “Nooooo!!”, and then a chant starts up “Fed! Fed! Fed! Fed! Fed! Fed!

He was also filmed — on a sidewalk, as well as at a street-side junction point, and also in a patriot crowd (all on January 6th) — telling a passing stream of patriots that “As soon as President Trump is done speaking, we are going to the Capitol; that’s where our problems are!” and “As soon as President Trump is done speaking, we are going to the Capitol; the Capitol’s in that direction; let people know, spread the word!

Later on, Epps was seen whispering to a January 6 protester, and then that same protester immediately turned around and began pushing down a police barrier. In a “softball” interview conducted by “60 Minutes” with Ray Epps, he says that he was telling the young man that “the police aren’t the enemy” — but, if that was the case, then why was he whispering that sentence to the protester, and covering up his words with his hand? The story told by Ray Epps doesn’t seem to add up. Many people have questioned why the “60 Minutes” show — an established part of the mainstream media, which actively hates and denigrates the January 6 protesters — would give a “softball” interview to someone who was prominently involved in the January 6 protest. It all seems quite odd.

When Ted Cruz (Republican senator), in a Congressional hearing, asked the FBI “Did any FBI agents or confidential informants actively participate in the events of January 6?”, the FBI refused to give an answer. Cruz then asked “Did any FBI agents or FBI informants actively encourage and incite crimes of violence on January 6?”, and the FBI again refused to give an answer. Cruz also asked the FBI “Was Ray Epps a Fed?”; once again, the FBI refused to answer. Cruz noted that it was odd that “magically, Mr. Epps disappeared from the public posting” on the FBI website.

Other politicians, such as Clay Higgins (Republican congressman), have asked the FBI whether they had assets embedded in the January 6 protest. The FBI continued to refuse to answer.

Nina May, of Renaissance Women’s Productions, says that there are 14,000 hours of video evidence from January 5th that the Federal authorities have refused to release. She said “There’s so much that is not being revealed to the public, and the big question is Why?

According to Thomas Massie (Republican congressman), the January 6th Committee interviewed Epps, but then refused to release the interview transcript to the House Judiciary Committee.

The January 6th Committee’s handling of the whole matter has been brought into question. After their hearings, the Leftist-dominated January 6th Committee destroyed massive amounts of their records (which is an illegal act in itself). This meant that January 6th protestors lost access to evidence with which they could defend themselves; it also happened to deprive Donald Trump’s lawyers of a mountain of evidence which could have been used to defend Trump against the politically-motivated lawfare being conducted against him. It is unlikely that it is merely a coincidence that Leftists destroyed official records which could have helped Conservative victims of Leftist lawfare.

The Leftist-dominated Establishment’s narrative regarding the January 6th Protest smells to high heaven. If it looks dodgy, sounds dodgy, and feels dodgy, then it probably is dodgy.

The January 6th protestors jailed by the Establishment are political prisoners. The best thing that can be done for them now is to get Donald Trump back in as President, ask him to free all of the J6 political prisoners (using Presidential pardons), grant them monetary compensation, and then sack all of the corrupt prosecutors and judges who aided and abetted in having innocent people locked up.

The winning back of America from the grasping clutches of the evil Left is going to be a long trek — and fixing the injustices of the January 6th political trials is going to be an important step in that process.

Ray Epps, the man in all the Capitol videos who instructed others to storm the Capitol, has been charged with a misdemeanor for disruptive conduct on restricted grounds. Meanwhile, men who weren’t even present at the event have been sentenced to years in prison.”, Anonymous Patriot [@0331Online] (Gab account) [Ray Epps on January 6th, directing patriots to the Capitol] [e32d94eaec1f0ad3.mp4]

(video), Kiwegapawa (Gab account) [1f2344835e1f6fed.mp4]

(graphic), Kiwegapawa (Gab account) [graphic re Ray Epps, accusing him of being a “fed”]

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