The following sites can all be considered as part of the struggle for the future of Western Civilisation. However, we do not necessarily agree with everything they say, or with every position they take on various issues; therefore these links are offered on a “buyer beware” basis. The websites of organisations are constantly changing, and are often so big that it would be unrealistic to demand that we read all of their articles, so therefore these sites have been included on the basis of a general impression of them as pro-White and pro-Western.

Books, videos
American Renaissance store
Counter-Currents Publishing
Ostara Publications
Washington Summit Publishers
A Conversation About Race

Australian Protectionist Party
Australian First Party
The Australian Vanguard
Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party
Nationalist Alternative
One Nation Party
Party For Freedom

Rassemblement National (National Rally, formerly the Front National)
Mouvement National Républicain (National Republican Movement)

Great Britain
Britain First
British National Party
British Democrats
Heritage and Destiny
Liberty GB
National Front
Western Spring

Arktos Media

United States of America
American Renaissance
American Freedom Party
Council of Conservative Citizens
National Policy Institute
New Century Foundation
The Occidental Observer