Media propaganda in films and on television

It is a common occurrence for movies to contain a “social message”, whereby those involved in the film industry push their own opinions and beliefs upon a mostly unsuspecting public. However, at what point does an avalanche of “social messages” become “social propaganda”?

In fact, every “social message” movie can be seen as a propaganda piece in its own right, where those who wish to use the medium of film to influence others can subtly push their own social message or political agenda upon others (although, sometimes their propaganda attempts are not so subtle).

Propaganda films are nothing new; they have commonly appeared during times of war. Examples would includes movies which show brave soldiers fighting to save their country, the nasty or evil enemy who must be stopped, and the innocent civilians who must be protected (or avenged).

Most of us can easily see the propaganda intent of the old black and white wartime propaganda films, as the propaganda style of decades ago seems to be so obvious to us now.

However, just as movie audiences have become more sophisticated, so too has the movie industry become more sophisticated. Therefore, those involved in the production of films still push the wheelbarrow of whatever social agenda they wish to promote, but do so in a much more subtle style.

Not all movies include “social message” propaganda, but many do — reflecting the social and political attitudes and bias of the film-makers.

To anyone with an analytical mind, the propaganda is obvious. However, not everyone is a media analyst. More to the point, most people don’t expect modern films to be propaganda films, as that is something they would more likely expect to exist in authoritarian regimes, rather than in their own society. This lack of awareness makes audiences even more susceptible to propaganda. If they were watching Communist or Nazi movies, then they would expect to see propaganda, but ordinary people doesn’t expect to be victims of propaganda in modern times; which therefore makes the propaganda all the more effective.

Propaganda delivered in the form of entertainment

Multiracialist propaganda really burst upon the scene in the 1960s and 1970s. Some examples of such productions are:
To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) [Wikipedia]
Till Death Us Do Part (1965-1975) [Wikipedia] (UK series with the “bigot” character Alf Garnett)
To Sir with Love (1967) [Wikipedia]
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967) [Wikipedia]
All in the Family (1971-1979) [Wikipedia] (US series with the “bigot” character Archie Bunker)
Love Thy Neighbour (1972-1976) [Wikipedia] (UK series with the “bigot” character Eddie Booth)

Multiracialist propaganda is now to be found embedded in many modern movies, especially those of the Hollywood scene. In such films, there are several standard propaganda methods which are used, including the following:

1) Making white people look bad; i.e. negative roles for whites. Includes usage of “redneck” stereotypes.

2) Writing up the “bad guys” as racists, or having whites making racist statements (compare it to the number of blacks cast in such roles, and a major imbalance will be seen). Includes the casting of “stupid bigot” characters. An important element in the creation of “White Guilt Syndrome”.

2) Promotion of multiracialism; e.g. inter-racial romantic couplings, black and white “buddy” movies.

3) Disproportionate use of non-whites as main characters.

4) Disproportionate use of non-whites in leadership, intellectual, and professional roles (e.g. police chiefs, scientists, judges).

In all “good” propaganda films the message is subtle, but effective, especially when it is part of a large and continuing genre of anti-Western propaganda movies and television shows.

Each propaganda element taken by itself can be seemingly innocuous, innocent, or defendable; but, when you look at all of the propaganda elements as part of the whole production, and in context of the overall genre of anti-white propaganda in the modern media, you can straight away discern a very clear pattern. Each incident or example by itself means little, but when you add up all of these “coincidences” and details, a pattern of anti-white propaganda emerges.

Modern propaganda movies are used to indoctrinate audiences with a mindset sympathetic to multiracialism. Also notable are propaganda messages downplaying the role of traditional families and promoting homosexuality. Such propaganda productions are all part of the cultural war which is being wages against Western white nations; a war which is being waged by multiculturalist and multiracialist ideologues in education, media, and politics against traditional Western societies, wherein they continuously insert their bias and push their own social agendas. The real shame is that the bulk of the population don’t even realise that a war is being waged.

The prevalence of modern propaganda ensures that everyone is affected by it, whether we wish to be or not. All-pervasive propaganda is very effective; unless you are a robot, you will be affected by it, whether you realise it or not. However, for most people, the fact that they do not realise that they are being psychologically manipulated is what makes it most effective.

Effects of propaganda

Multiracialist propaganda does not occur in a vacuum. There are real-world consequences of this psychological cultural warfare.

Blacks are commonly cast in leadership, intellectual, and professional roles on the TV screen. Presumably the intent is to make blacks more appealing to whites (“hey, blacks must be good, look at how many are scientists and judges”), as well as to build up self-esteem in blacks. However, in real life, the average IQ level of blacks is significantly lower than that of Asians and whites; therefore only a small minority, of blacks with above-average IQs, attain roles as scientists and judges.

This builds up resentment in blacks; the movie propaganda creates an expectation that many of them will attain professional roles, but when this doesn’t happen they cast around for a reason, and here the multiracialist propaganda has already provided a ready bunch of fall-guys, “the terrible racist whites who are stopping the black man from getting ahead in life”. Resentment turns to anger, which then — with a population with a low average IQ and a high average testosterone level — turns to violence against white people.

Conversely, white people watch a lot of propaganda which shows all these cool, calm, and collected blacks in professional roles, and imagine that this is how most blacks are in real life. Therefore, when they get into volatile situations, where they imagine that they are dealing with a calm and rational person, they too late discover that they are dealing with someone with a low IQ, highly-charged testosterone, and a chip on their shoulder over perceived “white racism”, and the unsuspecting innocent white person becomes the victim of black violence, sometimes badly bashed enough as to be hospitalised, if not murdered.

White females can be particularly affected by “White Guilt Syndrome”, which is fostered by multiracialist propaganda. All those tales of the “poor oppressed blacks” and the “nasty, evil, racist white people” have imbued feelings of White Guilt into many white women, along with a deep-seated fear of ever being seen as “racist”. Many blacks are aware of this foible, and use it accordingly. Tales have been told of situations where a black male asks a white female out on a date, but she politely refuses, as she is not interested; the black male then accuses her of not wanting to go out with him because she is being “racist”, and after being berated over this supposed slight, she agrees to go out with him (thinking she’ll just do it once, to show she’s not “racist”, even though she’s not interested in him at all), but then she ends up being date-raped.

White people being bashed. White women being raped. With every incident, everyone thinks it’s just bad luck that it happened (even though there are thousands of examples of “isolated incidents”, which are just “the actions of one individual”), but it is all part of a pattern, which is at least partially the fault of the propagandists.

But the multiracialists don’t care. Their primary objective is to bring about a multiracial society. If a few thousand whites, or even tens of thousand of whites, get bashed or killed along the way, that’s a price that they’re willing to pay. So long as their propaganda encourages multiracialism, Third World immigration, and the demise of predominantly-white Western countries, then they’re happy.

Multiculturalists love propaganda

Multiculturalists usually claim to be against propaganda. When the topic of multiracialist propaganda is raised, the common first reaction is to claim that it doesn’t exist; however, if presented with a multitude of examples, they often change tack and instead proclaim that “Well, anyway, it’s a good thing”; because, after all, it’s propaganda which is pushing their viewpoint.

Some of them may say “What does it matter if it is propaganda?”; well, that’s fine, so long as they realise that such an attitude means that they tacitly support the tactics of all other regimes which use sly propaganda, television brainwashing, and psychological manipulation via the mass media. Anyone who defends brainwashing is a willing tool of whatever regime they live under.

Multiculturalists will normally say that they oppose propaganda, as pushed by the Soviet or Nazi regimes; but, when faced with the fact that Multiculturalists use propaganda too, their attitude changes. Such Multiculturalists are nothing more than common hypocrites.

Defending ourselves against propaganda

The most important first step in combating multiracialist propaganda is to realise that it exists. Once someone becomes aware of multiracialist propaganda it becomes hard not to see it when it rears its ugly head in modern movies. Enabling people to realise that they are being psychologically manipulated by the mainstream media and Hollywood-style productions is the start of inoculating them against its effects.

Once we become aware of multiracialist propaganda, we should also let others know. However, it should be remembered that no-one likes to think that they have been fooled; in fact, many people will feel it is impossible that they could have been fooled, and if you undermine their TV-watching habits, they may feel that it is an undermining of their self-worth. So, be tactful in how you go about telling people about the existence of propaganda in movies and on television.

Never attack a viewer for being taken in by propaganda, instead attack the manipulative intent of the movie propagandists. Never criticise a viewer for not noticing propaganda; it would be far better to use an inclusive phrase like “Someone as intelligent as yourself would have noticed how they are always pushing a multiracialist agenda in movies”; that way, the viewer is not made to feel stupid, and is not put on the defensive (if someone is put on the defensive, then, to stop themselves from looking stupid, they are more likely to just deny what you are saying ad infinitum).

It may seem silly to have to tip toe around people’s feelings when you are dealing with the facts of propaganda, but it is far better to use a bit of tact and win someone over, than to be tactless and have them oppose you forever. Once they are willing to open their eyes, they will then be able to notice just how all-pervasive the propaganda in modern entertainment is.

The widespread exposé of manipulative multiracialist propaganda is just one step to be taken in the long trek to victory for the peoples of the West.

The Western Loyalist site intends to publish reviews of a number of movies and television productions, exposing their multiracialist propaganda. This project will be a time-consuming one, and will have to compete with other projects, but reviews will be posted here when they are available.

Independence Day (1996)
Doctor Who companions used for propaganda purposes (2005-2010)

It should be noted that racial descriptions of actors involved in movies will usually be given in regard to their ostensible racial make-up. For example, Russell Crowe would be described as white (although he has some Maori ancestry); Barack Obama would be described as black (although he is half-black and half-white), or alternatively he would be described as “coloured”. General racial descriptions will given on the basis of how actors would be regarded by the general viewing audience.

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