The Irish Elite vs. the Irish

The streets of Dublin are burning, Store windows are being smashed, The Garda are under attack, And police cars are being trashed The people of Ireland are angry, They’re being lied to, day after day, About the immigration end plan, ’Cos that’s the government’s way The Great Replacement is here, To change the entire scene; […]

The Voice, media propaganda, and the continuing fight

In those Western countries which are now culturally Leftist-dominated, non-white native peoples are venerated, almost with a religious fervour. Whether it’s the Aborigines of Australia, the Red Indians of America, or the Eskimos of the Arctic circle, etc., they are worshipped by the indoctrinated as “Noble Savages” who are oh so very wise and environmentally […]

The Deep State versus Donald Trump in New York

The politicisation and weaponisation of legal systems in countries ruled by Leftist regimes is becoming more and more blatant. The outrageous lawfare being conducted against Donald Trump is a prime example, whilst the lenient treatment of Hunter Biden is another. With the current prosecution of Trump in New York, what we have is a politically-motivated […]

The January 6 Protest, Ray Epps, and the Leftist Establishment

The Leftist-dominated Federal government’s treatment of Ray Epps has been highly suspicious. Epps has been accused by many of being a “Fed” — many have alleged that he is an informant, an entrapment asset, and/or an agent provocateur (i.e. an asset beholden to Federal agents or Deep State players) who was embedded into the January […]

The Establishment vs. Russell Brand

As most politically-aware people already know, Russell Brand broke away from the mainstream media’s talking points, and began to question the Establishment’s narratives. So now he is being accused of inappropriate behaviour from decades ago — what a coincidence. It almost goes without saying, that Mr. Brand strenuously denies the allegations. When Russell Brand was […]

Canada’s woke nightmare (documentary)

There is an interesting documentary, made by journalist Steven Edginton for The Telegraph (London), called “Canada’s woke nightmare”. It is well worth watching, as it delves into some of the realities of living in modern Canada, which is now run by Cultural Marxists. Steven Edginton and The Telegraph are to be congratulated on this production, […]

Changing Canada [poem]

[A piece of poetry about modern Canada, which is now run by Cultural Marxists.] Canada is truly a great country to see — With its eastern moose, and the red maple tree; You can go skating upon the ice rinks, Go out hunting for bear, bobcat, or lynx, Or even go fishing for a great […]

Damon Atkins and the right to protest

How often do Leftists disrupt Conservative events with counter-protests? It happens a lot. Those protests are usually characterised by lots of yelling, the use of megaphones, the beating of drums, and/or the use of various other noise-making implements. And do the police roll up, and tell them that they mustn’t be noisy, or else they’ll […]

Women cyclists lose to a transgender

A transgender “woman” cyclist Lesley (Wesley) Mumford, came 1st (out of 14) in the women’s 40-49 age group in the Colorado to Utah gravel race. He used to be a SWAT leader with the police, so it would make sense that he would have a decent level of fitness.[1] The women who came 2nd and […]

Syrian refugee stabs children in French playground

A Syrian refugee has gone on a stabbing spree in a French playground. This lowlife from the Middle East deliberately targeted children and toddlers, indicating that he was either mentally deranged, or wanted to kill French children as a political statement, or both. In video footage of the incident, the Syrian attacker can be seen […]