The rise of the Multiculturalist Police State

There are a plethora of videos on the internet of police abusing their powers, acting like Soviet commissars, bullying civilians, and throwing their weight around unnecessarily. These videos are not about police arresting robbers, rapists, bashers, or murderers, but are inevitably about cops targetting people over some technical issue, or even harassing citizens so much […]

A Low Blow for Justin Trudeau [poem]

[A piece of poetry regarding the controversy about Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, who has been in trouble in the media for wearing blackface, in his younger years, on stage and at parties. Photos revealed to date have shown him dressed up as Aladdin (the Arabic fictional character) and as Harry Belafonte (the black […]

Justin Trudeau in blackface drama

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, is in the news because it has been revealed that, back in his earlier days, he wore blackface performing in theatre and going to parties. Photos reproduced in the mainstream media have shown him dressed up as Aladdin (the Arabic fictional character) at a party, as Harry Belafonte […]

Wax on, wax off — the “Jessica Yaniv” story

The nutcasery of the Canadian “Human Rights” industry continues, this time with trans-person “Jessica Yaniv” (formerly known as Jonathan Yaniv) conducting lawfare against Brazilian waxers who won’t wax “her” male genatalia. And, no, this is not a joke. So, this “Jessica Yaniv” has been contacting waxers via social media, asking about their “Brazilian wax” services, […]