Canada’s woke nightmare (documentary)

Aaron Gunn (L) and Steven Edginton (R)

There is an interesting documentary, made by journalist Steven Edginton for The Telegraph (London), called “Canada’s woke nightmare”. It is well worth watching, as it delves into some of the realities of living in modern Canada, which is now run by Cultural Marxists.

Steven Edginton and The Telegraph are to be congratulated on this production, exposing some of Canada’s problems, including the lack of freedom of speech.

Here are some quotes from the documentary:

[Jordan Peterson] “Canada was a very stable, middle-class country with reliable institutions; to say that that’s gone is to say almost nothing”. [0.00 min.]

[Steven Edginton, narrator] “Canada — under Justin Trudeau the former British colony has sought to position itself as the global bastion of progressive politics. … his cultural revolution shows no sign of abating” [0.08, 0.23]

[David Leis, Frontier Canada for Public Policy] “We have become a totalitarian state.” [0.20]

[Jordan Peterson] “I think our leader, Trudeau, I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say a true word — all this nonsense about compassion is the manipulations of snakes, pulling in the useful idiots, who are perhaps genuinely compassionate, and that’s Canada.” [1.01]

[Aaron Gunn, film-maker] “I just came off filming two documentaries in the downtown east side of Vancouver, documenting the incredible increases in homelessness, general societal chaos, and the explosion of open drug use here in the streets of Vancouver, and, really, on the streets of every major Canadian city. … We’ve seen the street order explode, we’ve seen open drug use explode, overdose deaths are up more than 1,000% in the past ten years. Here in British Columbia, the province where Vancouver is, we saw more than 2000 British Columbians die last year from overdoses alone. Every day in Vancouver four people are randomly attacked.” [2.09, 2.27]

[Gay man, in street] “I’m gay, and when I was young, I was an effeminate gay kid; if I was a gay effeminate kid today, they would have whipped out the old dick saw … they would have taken my manhood.” [6.00]

[Chris Elston, aka “Billboard Chris”] “These kids who would grow up to be gay today are being taught that just because they’re effeminate little boys, that they must be trans.” [6.14]

[Gay man, in street] “This is also about the erasing of gay men and lesbians.” [6.20]

[Expat man, in street] “I don’t know what happened to the Western world. I haven’t lived in Canada for 30 years, but it has changed. Man, 30 years ago, this would be unconceivable. I don’t like even coming back to the West, I don’t recognise it any more.” [6.28]

[Man with red cap, in street] “My brother liked to hang out with the neighbour, who was the girl, and she had Barbies, and all he ever did was go over there and play with Barbies. Well, in today’s society, my parents would have had to mutilate him, otherwise he would have been taken away.” [8.10]

[Amy Hamm, nurse] “I am fighting to maintain my nursing license … the two members of the public who complained to my regulatory body were incensed by my involvement in putting up an ‘I (heart) J. K. Rowling’ billboard.” [9.04]

[Neerunjun, Indian male, social worker] “My son goes to an alternative school within the Toronto district school board … in the last few years, the sexualisation has become militarised … they are full-on aggressively ramming it down (no pun intended) everyone’s throats … I get an email, it says ‘Tomorrow is gender odyssey; please bring your kids to school with the other opposite gender’s clothing, we’re going to have a fashion show, the teachers are going to dress in the opposite gender clothing, we’re going to have a presentation for the kids’; again, we’re talking kids from grade 4, from the ages of 4 up to 11, 12. … I’m supposed to send him to school with girl’s clothing, so that he can dress up as a girl, and then have a fashion show”. [13.55, 14.21, 1500]

… They want us to come in, they want us to cook the stereotypical Indian and Chinese food, they want us to come and talk about Indian cultures, sports and languages, and things like that. There’s a double-edged sword. They’re like ‘We want your food … we want the image of what your culture is, to come in, and then leave, but don’t bring your actual fundamental beliefs about God, spirituality, and generational responsibility, don’t bring any of that, we don’t want that’ [15.17]

… Canada is an experimental ground … just as much as Australia is, and New Zealand as well, these are great places that don’t have the amount of tradition … if England’s going to fall, these extremities are going to fall first.” [15.49]

[Steven Edginton, narrator] “For a nation to be truly Woke, it must have its own narrative of oppression. In America, activists focus on the country’s history of slavery and racist laws; in Britain, they focus on the Empire”. [26.02]

[David Leis, Frontier Canada for Public Policy] “This is the story of how a nation has, I believe, been infected by a really destructive, hate-filled ideology of Wokeism … We have a risk that they will seek to criminalise any questioning of the residential school narrative, or the claims of mass graves, which is utterly absurd; part of history, part of science is being open-minded to healthy debate and evidence-seeking as we work to find the truth together, that’s part of civilisation.” [29.08, 29.36]

[Jim McMurty, former teacher] “news had broken, right across the world, about 215 children being murdered in an Indian residential school … all I said was the kids died from disease, and they did die from disease … I was walked out within half an hour … the very suggestion that its wasn’t genocide … two vice-principals walked me, frog-marched me out of the school, and I haven’t been teaching since, and I’ve been told that I never will.” [30.22]

… I’ve heard many people say it’s worse in Canada than elsewhere. We’ve gone off the rails more than probably anywhere else in the world, and as a teacher for me to be afraid to tell kids that there’s such things as boys and girls, you know it’s gone a little bit ridiculous.” [31.59]

[Jordan Peterson] “I don’t believe that any of the conundrum that we’re in, at the moment, in the West, is strictly political. I think what’s happened is that the predatory psychopaths have figured out how to cloak themselves in the guise of compassion.” [37.00]

[Steven Edginton, narrator] “During my travels I found ordinary Canadians appalled at their country’s surrender to drug dealers; its contempt for freedom of speech; its enforcement of gender ideology on children; and a breezy willingness to terminate the lives of its own citizens. However, for all the depressing stories of people losing their jobs, or being hounded by the government, these cases were equally inspirational. Whilst Canada is a warning to the West, there are also individual messages of hope from those brave individuals fighting for their freedom.” [37.20]

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