Changing Canada [poem]

[A piece of poetry about modern Canada, which is now run by Cultural Marxists.]

Canada is truly a great country to see —
With its eastern moose, and the red maple tree;
You can go skating upon the ice rinks,
Go out hunting for bear, bobcat, or lynx,
Or even go fishing for a great blue marlin —
So it’s a shame that Canada is run by a Stalin

For the country no longer has freedom of speech,
If you give an opinion, the law you may breach;
If you say anything that makes a liberal quail
You might get a fine, or else end up in jail;
When the truckers protested, their money was seized,
As the Canadian government was feeling displeased

Because all of the rulers are Woke Leftist scum,
They’re brainwashing kids, and making them dumb;
Drugs are now everywhere — the law says it’s okay,
So there’s more robberies and deaths about every day;
At the heart of this is the smiling devil you know
— That nasty evil Leftist, called Justin Trudeau.

Relevant reading:
Canada’s woke nightmare (documentary), Western Loyalist, 1 September 2023

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