Canada’s woke nightmare (documentary)

There is an interesting documentary, made by journalist Steven Edginton for The Telegraph (London), called “Canada’s woke nightmare”. It is well worth watching, as it delves into some of the realities of living in modern Canada, which is now run by Cultural Marxists. Steven Edginton and The Telegraph are to be congratulated on this production, […]

Changing Canada [poem]

[A piece of poetry about modern Canada, which is now run by Cultural Marxists.] Canada is truly a great country to see — With its eastern moose, and the red maple tree; You can go skating upon the ice rinks, Go out hunting for bear, bobcat, or lynx, Or even go fishing for a great […]

Donald Trump and the 2024 US Presidential election

Donald Trump is far from perfect — but he is the best Presidential candidate out of all of those who have a realistic chance at winning the election. There is little doubt that the re-election of Trump will push the Overton window in a pro-white direction. At the very least, it will rein in some […]

The crisis of the modern Left

The ordinary law-abiding people of 75 years ago would all be considered “Far Right Nazi Fascists” today — not because they are any of those things, but because the modern Left has steadily become more and more deranged as time goes by. The ordinary working-class Leftists of 75 years ago would regard modern-day Leftists as […]

The trial of Donald Trump

In a civil trial a jury in Manhattan (New York) has found Donald Trump liable for “sexually abusing” E. Jean Carroll, and for defaming her when he said she was lying. Carroll was awarded five million dollars. Following the trial result, Donald Trump posted a comment on his social media platform, Truth Social, saying “I […]

The Marxist Teacher [poem]

[A piece of poetry about Communist and Leftist teachers brainwashing students in our schools.] I’m a revolutionary Marxist And I’m teaching in the schools; The parents think I’m great, But I treat them all as fools They think I’m teaching kids To research, read and write — Actually, I’m recruiting them To join Marxists in […]

Leftists causing problems for people in bushfire areas

The neo-communist scum at it again. At a time when the police are throwing as many resources as they can spare into helping manage problems around bushfire areas, Leftist climate doomsayers have arranged to have a big demonstration in Melbourne — the obvious effect being that police will have to divert resources away from fire-affected […]