Canada’s woke nightmare (documentary)

There is an interesting documentary, made by journalist Steven Edginton for The Telegraph (London), called “Canada’s woke nightmare”. It is well worth watching, as it delves into some of the realities of living in modern Canada, which is now run by Cultural Marxists. Steven Edginton and The Telegraph are to be congratulated on this production, […]

Changing Canada [poem]

[A piece of poetry about modern Canada, which is now run by Cultural Marxists.] Canada is truly a great country to see — With its eastern moose, and the red maple tree; You can go skating upon the ice rinks, Go out hunting for bear, bobcat, or lynx, Or even go fishing for a great […]

Being offended on social media

Part and parcel with the whole Leftist “hate speech” narrative is the notion that anyone who is offended by an idea, or by an opinion, should be listened to, to the extent that the person who voiced the “offensive” idea must be silenced or somehow dealt with. This neo-fascist notion of silencing anyone who you […]

Multiculturalism versus freedom of speech

The political ideology of Multiculturalism is intrinsically tied to the denial of freedom of speech. Whilst this statement may appear to ludicrous to anyone who has gone through twelve years of brainwashing in schools dominated by Multiculturalist teachers, it only appears that way because they haven’t been taught to analyse the ramifications of Multiculturalism. Multiculturalism […]

Swiss referendum exposes hypocrisy of Official Multiculturalism [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 7th December 2009 Many readers have probably heard the results of Switzerland’s recent referendum proposing the banning of future construction of minarets on mosques in the country. The referendum proposal, pushed by the Swiss People’s Party was passed through a vote of 57.5% in favour of the proposal over 42.5 against and […]

K.Rudd’s fetish for political persecution — Soviet style [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 30th March 2008 It was once said to me that the measure of a man can be determined by his ability to take criticism. Naturally this speaks volumes when one views the tactics and behavior exhibited by dictatorial and totalitarian leaders and their regimes. Leaders who tolerate no criticism, no opposing position […]

Sweep it all under the carpet, by Nick Griffin

[Nick Griffin writes about attacks on the free exchange of information in Britain, ethnic mayhem in Holland, and how the Multiculturalist way with uncomfortable facts is to sweep it all under the carpet.] By Nick Griffin, 17th November 2004 Two non-reports in the last few days highlight the way in which the left-liberal ‘elite’ — […]