The Irish Elite vs. the Irish

The streets of Dublin are burning, Store windows are being smashed, The Garda are under attack, And police cars are being trashed The people of Ireland are angry, They’re being lied to, day after day, About the immigration end plan, ’Cos that’s the government’s way The Great Replacement is here, To change the entire scene; […]

Off-Target [poem]

Target (USA) have been selling homosexual and transgender propaganda items aimed at influencing children, and there has been an uproar about it, with many people boycotting Target stores. #BoycottTarget has been trending on social media sites, such as Gab (where free speech is the guiding principle, unlike Facebook and Twitter). Target stores are dodgy places, […]

Hold to your principles [poem]

No matter what your enemies threaten or do, Hold to your principles, and always be true Many will be the attacks that they launch; But just stick to your guns, forever be staunch Hold high your torch — let the flame burn; And one day to come, the tide will then turn. A different version […]

Get on to Gab [poem]

A lot of Big Tech is actually run by the Left, When it comes to free speech, they are really bereft; They block us, they ban us, they make us disgusted, If you express an opinion, they cannot be trusted In rainbow ivory towers, all those Leftists do dwell, They’ll ban the good people, but […]

The Marxist Teacher [poem]

[A piece of poetry about Communist and Leftist teachers brainwashing students in our schools.] I’m a revolutionary Marxist And I’m teaching in the schools; The parents think I’m great, But I treat them all as fools They think I’m teaching kids To research, read and write — Actually, I’m recruiting them To join Marxists in […]

The Fake President and His Supporters [poem]

[A piece of poetry about the fake President, Joe Biden, who gained office due to Leftist electoral corruption.] Creepy old Joe Biden, the President Fake, Is a clear example of what corruption does make They stole the election — dirty tricks were galore, Corrupting the process, and changing the score They lack decent morals, they […]

Killed By Cops [poem]

Lots of police are good people, The majority of them are great; But too many cops are bastards, And petty tyrants of the state They become so ego-driven, Lacking a balance or a check; They’ll initiate some violence, And put a knee upon your neck Justine Damond called the cops, When she saw a prowler […]

Replacing the British [poem]

Great Britain, land of high renown, Is now sadly, slowly, turning brown; A nation of free men, and of lords, Is being replaced by Third World hordes From India, Pakistan, here they come, “Bring them all in” is the rule of thumb; Special treatment they’re often given, While British from their homes are driven The […]

Quid Pro Joe [poem]

[In the news: Joe Biden is the Democratic Party’s contender for the office of President of the USA; however, he has on occasion shown signs of memory loss and confusion, leading some political observers to wonder if he is displaying signs of dementia. On top of that, Biden has been accused of inappropriate behaviour towards […]

A Limerick for Joe Biden [poem]

There was an old man named Joe Biden Whose brain is either missing or hidin’ Many people were very amazed And considered him to be crazed Wanting to be, over the nation, presidin’. Relevant reading: Creepy Joe Biden, Western Loyalist, 17 March 2020