Quid Pro Joe [poem]

Joe Biden being up close and personal, 1491x1800[In the news: Joe Biden is the Democratic Party’s contender for the office of President of the USA; however, he has on occasion shown signs of memory loss and confusion, leading some political observers to wonder if he is displaying signs of dementia. On top of that, Biden has been accused of inappropriate behaviour towards females, including sniffing their hair.]

Joe Biden is now running for office
To rule the whole American nation;
Even though he belongs in a Home,
To be President is his aspiration

Many Leftists think that he’s great,
However, some people are a bit miffed —
Because they’ve seen him bent over girls,
And of their young heads he has sniffed

His friends say “He’s misunderstood;
It’s just old age, but nothing impure,
And, if he does get elected to office,
For dementia he’ll soon find a cure”.

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