Off-Target [poem]

Target is a sick degenerate corporation

A social media meme: “Target is a sick degenerate corporation: Children are their target”

Target (USA) have been selling homosexual and transgender propaganda items aimed at influencing children, and there has been an uproar about it, with many people boycotting Target stores.

#BoycottTarget has been trending on social media sites, such as Gab (where free speech is the guiding principle, unlike Facebook and Twitter).

Target stores are dodgy places,
’Cos they’re into kiddy-grooming
— But now we’ve found them out,
And so some payback’s looming

They’ve been supporting Poofter stuff,
And promoting Pride for Queers
— They want our children gay,
Especially in their younger years

They’re selling colouring books,
Which show two Faggots kissing,
And weird “tuck-friendly” clothing,
So it seems your bits are missing

You’d be amazed at all the stuff
Target has in the kiddies’ section;
But they say it’s all for Pride,
So they can show them some affection

They want children in Gay Parades,
At least, according to some rumours
— So there I’ll never shop again,
’Cos I don’t like kiddie-groomers.

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