The Irish Elite vs. the Irish

The streets of Dublin are burning, Store windows are being smashed, The Garda are under attack, And police cars are being trashed The people of Ireland are angry, They’re being lied to, day after day, About the immigration end plan, ’Cos that’s the government’s way The Great Replacement is here, To change the entire scene; […]

Yet another machete attack in England

A white policeman attacked by a machete-wielding maniac in London. What was the race of the attacker? You have two guesses. What was the religious background of the attacker? You have one guess. Well done to those who guessed correctly. To those who thought the attacker was a white English Christian — sorry, better luck […]

Homosexual Indonesian serial rapist ruins hundreds of English lives

Rapes being committed by Third Worlders happen all the time in Western countries (thanks to Third World immigration brought about by bleeding-heart traitor politicians), but here’s a case with a twist (actually, there’s about 195 cases). It is believed to be the worst example of serial rapes known to police in the Western world. Homosexual […]

Sexual assaults in Cologne, Germany — and the Multiculturalist response

As most people watching the news would have seen, there has been quite a furore over the New Year’s Eve incidents where hundreds of Third World refugees sexually molested women in Cologne, Germany — and, as it turned out, also in a number of other German cities, as well as in several other European countries. […]

Scandinavian experience warning for Australia [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 3rd July 2007 Following is an interesting article sent to us by a sympathiser. While it relates the trials experienced by our European friends in the face of increasing Moslem and Third World immigration, given the recent reports of increased crime (particularly sex related crimes against Australian women) by Middle Eastern and […]

Politicians silent as racist perverts continue attacks! [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 6th January 2007 We continue to live in hope, but in all honesty are not surprised by the gutless silence coming from the spineless twits resting their overpaid backsides on our parliamentary benches regarding the issue of continued racist attacks upon our people. Not one of our so called “representatives” has had […]

Kate Ellis’ blinkers muffle cries of rape victims [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 19th November 2006 Few can deny knowledge of Labor’s new “golden girl”, South Australia’s very own Kate Ellis, M.P. for the federal seat of Adelaide. Articulate, fairly intelligent, certainly not unattractive with the unnerving ability to be positioned directly behind any ALP frontbencher who happens to be addressing the House of Representatives […]

Australia offers safety to sexual predators — why? [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 5th September 2006 Violence against women — Australia says NO! , so says the campaign slogan and quite rightly so. No-one can deny the irrefutable right of our society’s people, women and the elderly in particular, to walk the streets of our nation in safety — free from the harassment and violence […]

Culture no excuse for crime [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 10th June 2006 It never ceases to astound how the New Class Intelligentsia and bleeding hearted liberals continue their bizarre quest to use culture as a tool to excuse crimes and turn culprits into victims. In the wake of pack rapes by racist Moslem youths upon innocent young Australian ladies and the […]

Depraved crimes [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 8th May 2005 In the last three days, local Adelaide newspaper “The Advertiser” has exhibited some semblance of community responsibility by reporting details of a number of horrendous crimes against innocent women. On March 17th, the paper reported the crimes of one “Hakeem Hakeem”, a Sudanese immigrant aged 19. This cream of […]