Comedy vs. Cultural Marxism

[A piece of poetry about the sacking of Shane Gillis from Saturday Night Live over some comments he made about Chinatown and the Chinese during his comedy show. When the reach of Political Correctness extends even into the sphere of humour, it is obvious that this Cultural Marxist method of social oppression has gone too […]

The Rotten Cycle of Media Lies

[A piece of poetry about the lying mainstream media and the cycle of propaganda which produces anti-Western journalists.] The biased mainstream media, they really hate the West — They oppose our way of life, our traditions they detest Brainwashed by Leftist teachers, during their years at school, Then it’s off to university, where Che is […]

Mosque Maniacs Betraying Bendigo

[A piece of poetry about the Cultural Marxists in the Bendigo who are supporting the construction of a huge Mosque complex — the building of which has been funded, in part, by the Victorian government.] There’s some filthy Cultural Marxists Infesting the regional city of Bendigo, They support the building of a mosque, And hate […]

Nicky Winmar, a Leftist star

[A piece of poetry about Nicky Winmar, the well-known Aboriginal footballer and “anti-racism” speaker, who was recently convicted for bashing a taxi driver whilst inebriated.] The aboriginal Nicky Winmar Is a very celebrated Leftist star; Tho’, as someone to look up to, He really doesn’t reach the bar He’d run around a football field, With […]

Boris the Turk

[A piece of poetry about the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.] Over in Downing Street, you’ll see a big nose lurk, For the PM living there is old Boris the Turk (Ali Kemal was his great-grandfather’s name — A Turkish Muslim, in the diplomacy game) From the grip of the EU, Boris will free the […]

Tough and scary Sammy Dastyari

[A piece of poetry about Sam Dastyari, an Iranian-born NSW politician, who broke the law when — in a display of Greenie virtue-signalling — he cycled along a Sydney footpath on his way to a hearing of the Independent Commission Against Corruption. Ordinary Australians face a fine of up to $2,200 for riding on a […]

The Nutcase Premier

[A piece of poetry about Daniel Andrews, Premier of the state of Victoria (Australia).]. Premier Daniel Andrews is truly a nutcase of a man, He wants to destroy our society, as much as he possibly can; The Premier tells us, that there are many types of gender, But he’s just saying that, to fit his […]

You See the Sacred Blood, poem by Enoch Powell

[A poem written by Enoch Powell, published in his book of poetry, Casting Off and Other Poems (1937).] You see the sacred blood That in the Grail distils And crimson as a rose The holy vessel fills: That quivering flood Which thither drains Is blood that flows From our own veins. You hear Amfortas’ moan […]