Little Sammy Fender [poem]

Sam Fender poem, 900x900[A piece of poetry about a British musician, by the name of Sam Fender, who came out with a song called “White Privilege”, the lyrics of which included the words “I’m a white male, full of shame, my ancestry is evil, and their evil is still not gone”, essentially slandering the ancestors of the good people of Britain. There was a lot of anger directed at him, attacking his song and his talent in general; this poem was written in the spirit of that widespread criticism.]

Little Sammy Fender is not a gender bender,
Though some think he looks that way;
With music he’s smitten, many songs he’s written,
But people are saying his tunes are all gay

His songs are a curse, and his singing is worse —
Anyone with taste thinks his music is rot;
He’d do well if he could, but his talent’s no good,
Upon the British nation, this fool is a blot.

Relevant reading:
Sam Fender, “the most hated man in England”, Western Loyalist, 23 September 2019

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