Mosque Maniacs Betraying Bendigo [poem]

Cultural Marxists support Mosques, 900x900[A piece of poetry about the Cultural Marxists in the Bendigo who are supporting the construction of a huge Mosque complex — the building of which has been funded, in part, by the Victorian government.]

There’s some filthy Cultural Marxists
Infesting the regional city of Bendigo,
They support the building of a mosque,
And hate those patriots who say “No!”

The creation of an Islamic complex
Will forever change that little city,
Establishing a Muslim beachhead,
Which most surely would be a pity

They support the expansion of Islam,
And love to see women in their burkas;
They’re supported by scum politicians,
But are opposed by true blue workers

Cultural Marxists aren’t real Aussies,
It’s really treason they’re trying to give —
If they really like Islam so much,
Why don’t they go to Arabia to live?

Relevant reading:
Cultural Marxists supporting Thought Crime laws and Islamification in Bendigo, Western Loyalist, 8 September 2019

Building starts on Bendigo’s first Islamic Centre, Premier of Victoria: The Hon. Daniel Andrews MP, 26 July 2019

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