Cultural Marxists supporting Thought Crime laws and Islamification in Bendigo

Under Multiculturalism, the Anzacs and our founding fathers would be considered Thought Criminals

Under Multiculturalism, the Anzacs and our founding fathers would be considered Thought Criminals

A ridiculous little bunch of pro-Islam sycophantic “do-gooders”, who support the building of a huge mosque complex in Bendigo, have decided that “waving Australian flags” is an example of “hate speech”. Calling themselves “Don’t Hate Mate”, they’re trying to act like a bunch of mini Human Rights Commissars, in the best tradition of Soviet-style gulag guards trying to enforce Thought Crime laws.

These simpering sad sacks, like a good little bunch of Cultural Marxists, have taken it upon themselves to define “what is hate speech”, and have included “waving Australian flags” as an example.

Don't Hate Mate's original text re. the Australian flag

Don’t Hate Mate’s original text re. the Australian flag

When the patriots of “The Unshackled” website pointed out to the world what a bunch of losers these petty little tyrants are, these puffed-up hall monitors quickly ran to their computer and deleted the part about Australian flags, just like the Soviet Communists used to rewrite any embarrassing history in their own favour.

However, thanks to “The Unshackled”, who took a screenshot of the offending article, we still have the proof of their nefarious doings.

What a bunch of anti-Australian scum this little group of Multiculturalists are. These people bring shame to the good folk of the Bendigo. It just goes to show that Multiculturalists and Cultural Marxists are liable to pop up anywhere, even in regional cities. Anyone who supports Soviet-style laws against freedom of speech is a disgrace to our nation.

Funnily enough, they’ve included the word “mate” in their name, in an apparent attempt to appear like real Australians — sorry, idiots, but you’re about as Australian as Joseph Stalin (Communist dictator) sending dissidents to the gulags; you’re about as Australian as Al Grassby (“Father of Multiculturalism”) taking bribes from the Mafia to cover up the activities of organised crime in Griffith.

These people support Thought Crime laws, which is typical of Cultural Marxists. They won’t be happy until all nationalists are locked up for daring to voice dissent political opinions. Cultural Marxists are not fair dinkum Australians, they are simply the modern reincarnation of the gulag guards and their Police State buddies.

The founding fathers of Australia brought into being a modern democracy, intrinsically tied to a commitment to ensure the survival of the white Australian people — the real Australians. The Anzacs of World War One and the Australian soldiers who fought in New Guinea during World War Two were overwhelmingly in favour of the White Australia Policy — if they were alive today, they would be persecuted by the supposed “do-gooders” for being Thought Criminals; just voicing their pro-white opinions would be enough to have them vilified as “racists” and charged under “hate crime” legislation.

The “do-gooders” of the world actually do little to no “good” at all; instead, they are the termites of modern society, trying to eat away at the foundations of our civilisation in a gradualist fashion, destroying everything they touch, bit by bit; they are the cane toads of our communities, disgusting and poisonous.

We need to oppose these evil specimens of inhumanity wherever they appear. They start small, but — when combined with many others of their ilk — the eventual ramifications of their anti-Western attacks and undermining antics end up creating enormous problems. It is on the backs of minor ill-doers like them that huge inhuman regimes are created, whether it be Soviet Russia or Pol Pot’s Cambodia. They are evil in their intent, wanting to destroy our way of life — with sly smiles on their faces, and harbouring hate in their hearts, Cultural Marxists and Multiculturalists are the destroyers of civilisations — if we let them.

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