A Panic Over Posters [poem]

It's ok To Be White, sign on pole, 150x150[A poem regarding the “It’s okay to be white” campaign.]

In universities around the world,
There’s a very terrifying sight,
For people are putting up posters,
Saying “It’s okay to be white”

Cultural Marxists are crying hard,
Neo-Liberals are terribly shocked —
As, to think of whites as humans,
Means their entire world’s been rocked

Uni staff have called the police
To lock up people being pro-white,
For they want to capture them all,
Who put up those posters in the night

All proud white men and women,
Against your genocide you should fight —
Because the Cultural Marxists want
An end to any nations that are white.

Relevant reading:
It’s okay to be White, Western Loyalist, 27 November 2019

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