It’s okay to be White

Ok To Be White, family at fence, 900x900The bias against White people in the politically correct Establishment is both overwhelming and hypocritical. It is deemed to be absolutely fine for there to be pro-Black and pro-Asian organisations, but any pro-White organisations are considered an anathema. Pro-Black and pro-Asian groups may even receive government funding and official approval, whereas pro-White groups are treated as heretics. It is common for the “diversity and tolerance” brigades to attempt to shut down pro-White organisations, and even try to virtually excommunicate pro-White individuals from society by campaigns of harassment. This state of affairs clearly shows that the politically correct Establishment is, at its core, racist against White people.

In a stroke of advertising genius, pro-White activists on the 4chan internet site decided to expose the hypocrisy of the prevalent anti-White racism by starting a campaign of putting up posters and stickers proclaiming “It’s okay to be White”.

Ok To Be White, sign on pole, 900x900Pro-White activists spread “It’s okay to be White” posters and stickers on the night of Halloween, 31 October 2017. It was suggested that pro-White activists could put up their pro-White messages around college campuses whilst wearing Halloween costumes, thus concealing their identity from the anti-White administrators and campus police, who would no doubt be searching through their CCTV footage the following day, trying to identify the “dreaded racists”.

Posters and stickers bearing the pro-White slogan appeared in several countries, including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

The simple act of proclaiming the right of one’s own racial group to exist was quickly condemned as “racial hatred” by the Neo-Liberals and Cultural Marxists in various school administrations, as well as in the mainstream media.

The hypocrisy of the news media and the education system was thus easily exposed. Pro-Black slogans, like “Black Lives Matter” weren’t treated as “racial hatred” or “racism” by the mainstream media, but pro-white slogans such as “It’s okay to be White” were viciously condemned as “hate speech”. Really? So exactly what positive things are allowed to be said about White people as a distinct group? The answer appears to be “None”.

Ok To Be White, Lauren Southern, 600x881Notably, when Lauren Southern arrived in Australia for a speaking tour, in July 2017, she entered the country wearing a t-shirt with the slogan on it, causing a flap in the media — because, apparently, it’s controversial to be proud of your own racial group (unless you’re non-White, of course).

The following year, in the Australian Senate, civic patriot politician Pauline Hanson proposed a motion, on 15 October 2018:

I move: That the Senate acknowledges:
(a) the deplorable rise of anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilisation; and
(b) that it is okay to be white.

… I hope that the Senate does the reasonable thing today by supporting this motion. Anyone who pays attention to the news or spends any time on social media has to acknowledge that there has been arise in anti-white racism and a rise in attacks on the very ideals of Western civilisation. I would also hope the Senate does the right thing and acknowledges that it is indeed okay to be white. Such a simple sentence should go without saying, but I suspect many members in this place would struggle to say it. People have a right to be proud of their cultural background, whether they are black, white or brindle. If we can’t agree on this, I think it’s safe to say anti-white racism is well and truly rife in our society

Hanson’s motion was narrowly defeated, with 28 Senators voting for it, and 31 against. Senators from the Liberal, National, Country Liberal, Liberal National, Australian Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, Katter’s Australian Party, and One Nation parties voted for the motion, with the Labor Party and the Greens voting against.

However, when the “powers that be” in the Liberal and National parties discovered that their minions had voted for an apparently pro-White motion, they arranged to have the motion voted upon again, and made sure that all of their Senators toed the line — none of them dared to buck the system, and they all voted against the motion, dutifully acquiescing to their leaders’ demands.

Part of the original 4chan planning for Halloween 2017

Part of the original 4chan planning for Halloween 2017

The slogan “It’s okay to be White” was designed as a non-threatening meme, in order to make it as acceptable as possible to a wider audience, which would therefore show the hypocrisy of the Establishment if they condemned it — which, of course, they did. The slogan was not nasty in nature, it did not say anything against non-White races, it wasn’t even extolling the virtues that White Civilisation has brought to the world. It must be about the most non-offensive expression of being pro-White. Naturally, the perpetually-offended robots of Political Correctness took offence to it, which leads us to the question “Exactly what positive things are allowed to be said about White people as a distinct group?”

Is there a positive slogan used by other racial groups that white could mirror? “Black Power” and “Black Lives Matter” are two racial slogans used by pro-Black activists, whilst “La Raza” (“The Race”) is a racial slogan used by pro-Hispanic activists, but if pro-White activists use the slogans “White Power”, “White Lives Matter”, or “White Race”, then they are condemned as “hate-filled bigots”.

What possible pro-White slogan can we possibly use that wouldn’t be deemed “offensive” by the anti-White haters? “We’re White, sorry for breathing”? “We’re White, but we hope our race becomes extinct soon”? The fact is that there is no pro-White slogan that pro-White activists can use, without it being condemned as “racist”, “hate speech”, “White supremacist”, or otherwise receiving some other biased derogatory description. The White-Haters and Europhobes in the mainstream media, education system, and bigtime politics have been so brainwashed into being anti-White that there is nothing that pro-White activists can do that won’t be condemned.

Ok To Be White, young woman in field, 900x900 “It’s okay to be White” — this one short sentence, elegant in its simplicity, has revealed to many people across the world that the politically correct Establishment is anti-White — which is the case in most “Triple W” nations (White, Western, and Wealthy).

Those who condemn non-violent pro-White slogans are, in fact, the racists. They hate the idea of the White race surviving into the future, they are against the idea of predominantly-White countries existing, and they are determined to carry out White Genocide — although they won’t name it as such, but their intentions are clearly expressed by their support for massive non-White immigration into White countries, their promotion of miscegenation, and their spreading of anti-White propaganda (all of which lead to White Genocide).

The fact that the Establishment is anti-White should come as no surprise to anyone who has seen the huge increase in Third World immigration into the West, facilitating immigration-driven demographic genocide against the White race — an extinction event known as “The Great Replacement”.

The fact is that the demographic destruction of White countries is nothing less than White Genocide — and liberals have no problem with that; in fact, they support it wholeheartedly. Indeed, anyone who supports Multiracialism, and/or Third World immigration into White countries, is a supporter of genocide; the anti-White Left and the pro-multiracialist Civic Patriots support either one or both of those things — such people are no friends of our race. “By their deeds you shall know them”.

The ideologies of Cultural Marxism, Multiculturalism, Multiracialism, and Political Correctness all form an interconnected threat against the survival of White people around the world.

If our race is to survive this ideological-driven extinction event, then we must promote the racial survival of our people, and declare that — for all time — “It’s okay to be White”.

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Senators who voted in favour of Pauline Hanson’s “it is okay to be white” motion:
Eric Abetz, Liberal
Fraser Anning, Katter’s Australian Party
Cory Bernardi, Australian Conservatives
Simon Birmingham, Liberal
Slade Brockman, Liberal
David Bushby, Liberal
Canavan, Liberal National
Michaelia Cash, Liberal
Richard Colbeck, Liberal
Jonathon Duniam, Liberal
Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, Liberal
Mitch Fifield, Liberal
Peter Georgiou, One Nation
Lucy Gichuhi, Liberal [a black woman, born in Kenya]
Pauline Hanson, One Nation
Jane Hume, Liberal
David Leyonhjelm, Liberal Democrats
James McGrath, Liberal National
Bridget McKenzie, National
Jim Molan, Liberal
Barry O’Sullivan, Liberal National
Linda Reynolds, Liberal
Anne Ruston, Liberal
Nigel Scullion, Country Liberal
Zed Seselja, Liberal
Dean Smith, Liberal
Amanda Stoker, Liberal National
John Williams, National

[As an explanation for non-Australian readers, the Liberal and the National parties are the two mainstream supposedly-conservative parties in Australia, the Liberal National and Country Liberal parties are local variations of the big two organisations, whilst the Liberal Democrats are a libertarian group which has no connection with the others, despite the similarity of their names.]

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