The Dark Dawning of a Leftist Lie [poem]

Dawn Butler poem, 900x900[Dawn Butler, the British Labour Party’s Shadow Women & Equalities Secretary, gave a speech to the 2019 Labour Conference, in which she said “Black history is British history”, implying that blacks are part and parcel of the British nation (just to be a bit uncouth, she threw in some swearing as well). Her claim fits in with the multiracialist ideology; however, it is quite wrong, if one understands the deeper significance of the term “nation” (a homogeneous people, sharing a common culture, history, language, and race). The definition of British, as a family of nations, does not include Asians, Africans, Arabs, and other non-whites. Britain belongs to the British.]

Chubby Miss Dawn caused a significant storm
When she said Black history was British;
It made some glad, but others were mad,
And it caused historians to be a bit skittish

To sons of the sod, her statements seemed odd —
Maybe she’d been to the pub on a bender?
But, if the truth be told, her assertion quite bold
Was part of her Cultural Marxist agenda

She wants immigration, to swell the Brit nation,
To bring in more blacks, like her, of course —
Tho’ this dark lady uncouth is not telling the truth,
As a dog born in a stable is never a horse

To set these things right: All British are white,
You’re not one of us if your colour is black;
This land isn’t your place, it belongs to our race,
So, perhaps to Africa, you’d best head on back.

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