Rhodesia — from Wilderness to Wonderland to Wipeout [poem]

A travel poster for Rhodesia

A travel poster for Rhodesia

[A piece of poetry about Rhodesia.]

Rhodesia was created by white men,
From just a wilderness it was built;
But along came the bleeding hearts,
With their psychosis of white guilt

Once part of the proud British Empire,
By English leaders, she was betrayed;
Rhodesia decided to stand firm alone,
And a new republic then was made

Black Marxists were massively funded
By Communist China, and the rest,
And so white Rhodesia finally fell,
Though Ian Smith had tried his best

Under white rule, that land had been
A bread basket to feed the black race;
But when Mugabe’s lot took control,
It slowly declined into a basket case

Zimbabwe’s economy now lies in tatters,
Its great farmlands are sick and slack,
And therefore many of its poor population
Wish those white men would come back.

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Make Rhodesia Great Again

Make Rhodesia Great Again
(Make Zimbabwe Rhodesia Again)

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