The Rotten Cycle of Media Lies [poem]

[A piece of poetry about the lying mainstream media and the cycle of propaganda which produces anti-Western journalists.]

media lying B, 830x600The biased mainstream media, they really hate the West —
They oppose our way of life, our traditions they detest

Brainwashed by Leftist teachers, during their years at school,
Then it’s off to university, where Che is considered cool

As undergraduate students, by Marxists they were taught,
(Who hate opposing views, and independent thought)

Thinking themselves immune (“No-one indoctrinates me”),
They didn’t know that teaching affects us all to some degree

Now they support refugees, mass Third World immigration,
Homosexual marriages, and gender change by imagination

Against nationalists they’ll lie, or badly twist a story,
White interests they’ll defy, whilst coloureds get the glory

Misled by academics, because that’s what Leftists do —
But now they’re in the media, they’re peddling propaganda too

Leftist journalists and teachers, right across the nation,
Continue the rotten cycle, infecting every generation

We need to fight them back, and expose their lousy lies —
Because those evil Cultural Marxists are pushing our demise.

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