More propaganda from the mainstream media

media lying, 900x644The propagandists of the mainstream media never stop with their constant lies, defamation, and vilification against nationalists, whites, and Western Civilisation.

Watching the news in the mainstream media is like Allied soldiers listening to “Tokyo Rose” during the Second World War — you should expect lies and half-truths, mixed in with a massive amount of bias.

The mainstream media, entertainment, and education industries are all dominated by Leftists, due to various cultural and historical reasons. This sad state of affairs means that watching the mainstream news on television is a form of inadvertent voluntary brainwashing.

However, the rise of the internet, along with the appearance of some alternative news organisations (like Fox and Sky), means that not all hope is lost.

Nonetheless, there was a recent reminder of the mainstream media’s penchant for propaganda, when ran a hit piece attacking Blair Cottrell, Australian nationalist and former leader of the United Patriots Front.

The difference between Blair Cottrell in real life vs. the image in the hit piece video is massive

The difference between Blair Cottrell in real life vs. the image in the hit piece video is massive

The mainstream media outlet published an article, entitled “Blair Cottrell slams ‘fake news’ after racial vilification appeal fails”, attached to which was an anti-Cottrell propaganda video (the video has been embedded into at least two stories regarding Cottrell).

As an aside, the article’s sub-title was “Right-wing activist Blair Cottrell has criticised coverage of his case as he failed to have hit hate speech appeal referred to a higher court”. Yes, you read that right — “he failed to have hit hate speech” — which possibly means one of two things: 1) Blair Cottrell is smacking hate speech all over the place, or, 2) spent so much money on their little propaganda movie, that they couldn’t afford to hire a proofreader.

The propaganda video places Mr. Cottrell at the start, in pride of place, with a photo of him which is heavily doctored, with a big swastika flag not-so-subtly inserted in the background, so as to infer that he’s a Nazi (in the trade, such a tactic is called “manipulating public perception”).

We were unaware that Mr. Cottrell had any such affiliation, so we hired a private detective to investigate, and we are therefore able to produce his succinct report hereunder:

“Obviously, it was an amazing piece of news that must have been in possession of, so off we went, looking for Cottrell’s close connections to the Nazi Party; we searched and searched, but couldn’t find any links; but then, when we had just about given up, some important information was uncovered which revealed that, as a carpenter, Blair Cottrell sometimes works on houses; as everyone knows, houses sometimes need painting; and — here’s the clincher — it turns out that Adolf Hitler was a painter. Close connection revealed!”

Whew! Just when we thought the media were a bunch of liars and Leftist propagandists.

Yep, funny stuff, but apparently the mainstream media are a bunch of clowns, anyway.

An image from the movie They Live (1988), in which the hero finds a pair of sunglasses which enable him to see the truth about media manipulation

An image from the movie They Live (1988), in which the hero finds a pair of sunglasses which enable him to see the truth about media manipulation (and a lot more)

Seriously, forget about the “Tokyo Rose” media as far as unbiased reporting goes. You’d need a special pair of sunglasses to cope with the bright glare of their hypocrisy and lies.

However, the old mainstream television news stations are now under threat from the newer up-and-coming challengers, as well as from internet news sources. Newspaper companies are also on the decline — which serves them right, considering the bucketloads of lies and misinformation they’ve dished out over the years. Chickens coming home to roost, perhaps?

There’s a good reason why journalists are one of the least-trusted professions (which is quite telling, considering that public opinion can be shaped by the media to a large extent). Apparently, shovelling out disinformation and propaganda hasn’t endeared them to the community. Maybe it’s time that people started writing “hit pieces” about journalists and video producers, and see how they like it.

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