Comedy vs. Cultural Marxism [poem]

[A piece of poetry about the sacking of Shane Gillis from Saturday Night Live over some comments he made about Chinatown and the Chinese during his comedy show. When the reach of Political Correctness extends even into the sphere of humour, it is obvious that this Cultural Marxist method of social oppression has gone too far.]

Shane Gillis at microphone, 630x630The young comedian was given the sack,
Even though he was amongst the best,
Because he angered the Cultural Marxists
With just a few words said in jest

The comedian spoke ill of Chinatown,
Referred to the Chinese there as “Chinks” —
Which shocked the Leftist commissars,
But who cares what that mob thinks?

When comedians can’t speak in humour,
Aren’t allowed to give a bit of cheek,
Then you know that the Establishment
Has an ideology that’s sick and weak

So don’t let the Cultural Marxists
Silence your voice or stop your pen —
Speak as you need, stick to your creed,
And forever live your lives as men!

Relevant reading:
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