Sacked for having a laugh: Political Correctness and the firing of comedians

Shane Gillis sacked, 900x900The US comedy show Saturday Night Live (SNL) has sacked Shane Gillis because of some remarks he made about Chinese people, even though they were said whilst in his humorous persona.

It’s not clear if SNL was being deliberately ironic, but in their statement about firing Gillis, they said that part of the reason they hired the comedian was “We want ‘SNL’ to have a variety of voices and points of view within the show”.

So, despite the face that Shane Gillis had different comedic point of view, they sacked him for it. What hypocrites.

What’s not being said in the news commentary about this Politically Correct termination of employment is that if Gillis had said similar things about white people, all would have been okay; in fact, he probably would have received extra praise for it.

The fact is that liberals and bleeding-hearts despite white people as a group; they hate the fact that white nations exist, and they want white civilisation to end. Some of them even go so far as to say that they wish they weren’t white. This is all a part of the demonisation of white people, as carried out by the liberal “elite”.

There is little doubt that this form of self-hatred, or hatred of one’s ethnic or racial group, is tied to the White Guilt Complex, which is suffered as a form of psychosis by white liberals.

Interestingly, Andrew Yang, a Democratic presidential candidate, gave his opinion that Gillis shouldn’t lose his job. Yang said “I believe that our country has become excessively punitive and vindictive about remarks that people find offensive or racist and that we need to try and move beyond that, if we can, particularly in a case where the person is, in this case, to me, like a comedian whose words should be taken in a slightly different light.” Of course, Yang, being Asian, doesn’t suffer from White Guilt Complex.

There is no doubt that the witch-hunts will continue against those who have made fun of any of the “protected species” of Political Correctness.

The comedienne Sarah Silverman was fired from a movie because she had once worn blackface for a skit in her comedy show. Silverman described the tactic as “righteousness porn”; on a similar issue, she had previously referred to a better time when “absurd jokes by comedians were acknowledged for what they were — jokes — not a disingenuous national threat to people fake-clutching their pearls”.

Nonetheless, Sarah Silverman said of the blackface skit, “I don’t stand by the blackface sketch. I’m horrified by it, and I can’t erase it. I can only be changed by it and move on. … That was such liberal-bubble stuff, where I actually thought it was dealing with racism by using racism. I don’t get joy in that anymore. It makes me feel yucky”. In effect, she expressed her regret and begged forgiveness.

In a similar episode of witch-hunting, Kevin Hart, a black comedian, was forced from hosting the Oscars over some Tweets he made about homosexuals. Hart apologised and did a suitable amount of public hand-wringing, but that wasn’t enough for the LGBT-QWERTY lobby, who demanded that he do more to “make amends”.

These public apologies are reminiscent of Communist Party tactics, whereby party members were required to make public displays of remorse for having given an opinion which was not consistent with the party’s current policies.

What should be happening is that these victims of Political Correct pogroms should just stand up and stand by their humour, whether off-beat or not. Instead, they are running scared of the PC mobs, who will try to economically destroy them by getting them sacked or by going after their sponsors and advertisers. If their sponsors and advertisers had a bit of backbone, then they would stand up to the PC bullies too. However, liberals aren’t widely known for their backbone, especially when they’re being attacked by their own.

Shane Gillis, as a white liberal, isn’t racist against Asians, whilst Sarah Silverman, as a Jewish liberal, is not racist against blacks, but that doesn’t matter to the liberals who attacked them.

The university-bred revolutionaries of the Culture War want blood; they want to target and bring down powerful or famous people, as a way of demonstrating the power of their revolution (and because they get their jollies by hurting people). In the absence of notable enemies, they will go after anyone, even on the flimsiest of excuses, and it doesn’t always matter if the victims are from their own side of politics — they just want to pounce upon and victimise anyone they can, as a way of expressing and furthering their political agenda.

Jacques Mallet du Pan once wrote, in 1793, “A l’exemple de Saturne, la révolution dévore ses enfants” — “Like Saturn, the revolution devours its children”. However, as Professor Peter St. Onge has pointed out, it may be more accurate to say “In reality, revolutions eat their parents”.

Leftists, liberals, and bleeding-hearts (as well as Civic Patriots) are types of termites who are eating away at the foundations of Western Civilisation; however, it appears that some of the nastier ones are cannibal termites, liable to eat their own species. As the younger, more virulent, generation of Leftist termites develop a more-encompassing taste for the committers of political incorrectness, they begin to take a cold, hard, and hungry look at the previous generation of termites, assessing them as food for the revolution.

The Leftists who came out of the universities in the 1960s were more steeped in an anti-Western way of thinking than their forebears; however, both the depth and width of that mentality increased in the 1970s, again in the 1980s, even more so in the 1990s, getting worse in the 2000s, and much worse in the 2010s. With each decade the Leftist influence amongst students has spread and become more unpleasant and vitriolic.

The universities created this current generation of perpetually-offended Leftists and liberals. The Cultural Marxists in academia have, for decades, been deliberate grooming young adults (those who are not much more than children, and are therefore vulnerable to brainwashing). The Leftist professors and lecturers of the universities have been infecting their students with anti-Western notions during years of extremely biased classes. This has not come about as the result of a conspiracy per se, but as the natural outcome of letting hardline Leftists into our tertiary teaching institutions, where they not only spread their Leftist garbage, but where they also instinctively work to undermine and replace conservative teachers and administrators.

Whilst it may be fun for some to watch the Left turn on each other, what this development signals is two-fold — 1) social conservatives and nationalists aren’t active enough to earn the deep hatred of the Left, so they are turning against their own, and 2) the Leftist anti-Western cultural revolution is so widespread that the self-appointed political commissars are cracking down everywhere, even on the most ridiculous and inoffensive of politically incorrect “crimes”.

The firing of people over ridiculous notions of Political Correctness needs to be combatted at every level and in every instance, no matter what side of politics the victim comes from — because that ideology has to be fought as a whole.

We need to fight the spread of Political Correctness wherever and whenever it rears its ugly head, as doing so is a necessary task of the Culture War — and, if we lose the Culture War, then we will lose Western Civilisation as a consequence. No battle is too minor, no issue is too small. We fight for the future of our people.

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