Anti-white racism is “funny” in Hollywood

We need to understand that anti-white racism in the media is a constant and ongoing process. Most of the racism will be small in nature, expressing Europhobia in small but continual doses. Anti-white racism in the mainstream media is all part of a gradual process of building up an atmosphere of disdain and hatred of […]

The death of George Floyd demonstrates the inherent anti-white racism of the Left and the mainstream media

The media’s narrative twisted for political purposes The killing of George Floyd has been touted by the mainstream media and assorted Leftists as a terrible example of “racism” in America — which just goes to show the prevailing bias entrenched in those two groups, as the incident had nothing to do with racism. There were […]

Sam Fender, “the most hated man in England”

So, there’s this guy called Sam Fender; he’s a B-grade musician (well, that’s a charitable description — in reality, he’s actually C or D grade). Anyway, he’s decided that our white ancestors were evil, because — you know — they’re white. This Fender character has written a song, “White Privilege”, which includes the following lyrics: […]

Sacked for having a laugh: Political Correctness and the firing of comedians

The US comedy show Saturday Night Live (SNL) has sacked Shane Gillis because of some remarks he made about Chinese people, even though they were said whilst in his humorous persona. It’s not clear if SNL was being deliberately ironic, but in their statement about firing Gillis, they said that part of the reason they […]

Dear Multiculturalists, You Suck

Can you imagine seeing published, on a mainstream website, an article with the title “Dear Black People, You Suck At [Anything]”? [Insert the name of any subject you like.] It’s not likely, is it? If you wrote an article with such a title, no matter what the subject was, you would immediately be labeled as […]

Twitter ex-employee whines that the Twitter company is not PC enough

The National Public Radio site has published an interview with Leslie Miley, a Black software engineer, in which they talk about “the glaring lack of diversity in Silicon Valley’s tech industry”. Miley whines about lack of “diversity” at the Twitter company. But, reading between the lines, it sounds more like a call for Twitter to […]

Australian Protectionists applaud B.A.C.’s stand against genocide [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 14th April 2007 Lest anyone get the wrong idea from this article, let me make it absolutely clear there is no link between the Australian Protectionists and the organisation known as the British Australian Community (B.A.C.). The BAC is an organisation based on cultural pursuits and seeks to accommodate the needs of […]

The Alpha Phi sorority and the crime of being too white

The Alpha Phi sorority at the University of Alabama released a recruitment video, on YouTube, of its members having a good time and enjoying each others’ company. But the resulting howls of hatred from the minions of Political Correctness were deafening; and they were gleefully aided by the usual troublemakers of the mainstream media. Condemnations […]

Black killings of white people cause very little media outrage

Omar Sheriff Thornton, a black man, got caught stealing from his workplace, agreed to resign, but then shot and killed eight white people at his work — and then he rang 911 and said he did it because they were “racist”. Sure, Omar, everyone is “racist”, nothing to do with you being a low-life who […]