Sam Fender, “the most hated man in England”

Sam Fender

Sam Fender

So, there’s this guy called Sam Fender; he’s a B-grade musician (well, that’s a charitable description — in reality, he’s actually C or D grade). Anyway, he’s decided that our white ancestors were evil, because — you know — they’re white.

This Fender character has written a song, “White Privilege”, which includes the following lyrics:

“Befall the left and the right, catered for privileged whites

… I wanna be anybody but me

… The patriarchy is real, the proof is here in my song.
I’ll sit and mansplain every detail of the things it does wrong
’Cause I’m a white male, full of shame
My ancestry is evil, and their evil is still not gone”

The line “Their evil is still not gone” gets repeated over and over, as Fender tries to assuage his White Guilt Syndrome.

Let’s be clear about this, when he says “My ancestry is evil”, he is actually saying “Our ancestry is evil”. What a nutjob. Probably the only really evil thing his ancestors ever did was to provide the DNA that spawned his Leftist loony lily-livered limp-wristed personage.

Fender’s lyrics are a fairly obvious reference to the white slave trade — but what about the black slave trade, the Arab slave trade, and the Asian slave trade? Doesn’t this fool even know that it was African and Arab slave traders who sold their slaves to the whites? Doesn’t he realise that Africans and Arabs still deal in a slave trade in modern times?

Why isn’t Sam Fender singing about the current crop of African and Arab slave traders? Because, due to the Cultural Marxist ideological domination of the Establishment, it’s safe to attack white people, that’s why.

He’s just another idiot who was actually stupid enough to fall — hook, line, and sinker — for all of the anti-white and anti-Western brainwashing dished out by his Leftist teachers. How dumb would you have to be to fall so deeply for that rubbish?

In an interview with the Rock Ur Life website, Fender basically showed himself to be a Leftist/Globalist, being pro-EU, pro-immigrant, and anti-right wing. He said:

“I don’t think we should have left the European Union. I voted to remain in the EU.
… Not one good thing came out of this. The pound is getting down, the economy fell through the floor, and the freedom of movements is going to be taken away so it is going to be a nightmare for people like me who rely on Europe to work.
The people who vote for it did it based on the lies they were sold about the UK sending £350m a week to the EU for the NHS. I do not see other reason except the fact people don’t like immigrants. It’s not their fault as it is what is being given to them by the right wing.”

Never heard of this Fender idiot? Don’t worry about it, most people haven’t. He only hit the big-time with the huge negative reaction caused by this stupid song. The song gained notoriety when some of its anti-white lyrics were praised in a Tweet by David Lammy, a Labour Member of Parliament (a former government Minister).

The song itself is not very good, nor is Fender a good musician. If you listen to his singing, it sounds like the caterwauling of a retarded chimpanzee with a sore throat (apologies to any and all retarded chimpanzees out there, who probably sing better than Fender on his best day).

Presumably Sam Fender is happy that he’s getting all of this attention for his stupid little anti-white song; this bit of short-lived notoriety is probably the closest thing to fame that he’s ever going to achieve.

Lap it up, Sammy boy — enjoy wallowing in your white guilt, as you sing on a modern microphone, push your sappy songs on YouTube, whilst Tweeting on your mobile phone — all invented by “evil” whites, of course. Oh no, wait a minute; that means that you, Sam Fender, are enjoying the benefits of “White Privilege”! If you don’t want to be a complete hypocrite, you’d better go live in a forest somewhere. But, of course, he’s not going to do that; he’d rather just sit around all day, virtue signalling.

On the YouTube page of Fender’s petty little song, there are a lot of pertinent comments which bear repeating:

Just remember folks – If all was lost then they wouldn’t need to keep churning out this anti-white propaganda in the first place.We can still win and they know it. This is why their efforts are becoming increasingly more desperate.

Well and truly getting sick of the Anti-White racism which is becoming so pervasive in our media. Thankfully more and more people are seeing it for what it is.

Yes, do keep this up, you are quite a gift to us on the Nationalist right.

“I want to be anybody but me” … the next Rachel Dolezal.

What a loser. How much pandering can one person do?

This song is a beautiful synergy of sixth form politics and a lack of talent.

Can’t say I blame him. I would want to anybody but him too. There is no pride in pathetic.

Ethnomasochism: The masochistic tendency to blame and devalue one’s ethnicity, one’s own people. Ethnomasochism comes from shame and self-hatred. It’s a collective psychopathology, provoked by a concerted propaganda campaign to make Europeans feel guilty about how they’ve treated other peoples and to make them see themselves as ‘oppressors’.

Two options; either the song is a joke/satire, or Sam Fender is a joke.Go woke: you’re a joke.

Please, be realistic & have a grown up rational look at the world. White/European peoples have a better balance sheet of what they’ve given to this World over what they’ve destroyed than pretty much anyone.

How to become the most hated man in England in one song, congratulations!

And with a single song I have gone off Sam Fender. I can’t stand these self hating whites. Everything I have I have worked for and asked for nothing from nobody. White privilege is a myth perpetuated by the Left. I’m also deleting Sam Fender from my playlist.

I love white people.

Meanwhile, the rest of us work minimum wage jobs, struggle to pay bills and have rich twats, like you, tell us we’re privileged for being white. Get fucked.

What kind of man doesn’t take his own side in a fight?

If you find it hard to be a person why don’t you be a pixie? I’m sure your delusional Marxist opinions facilitates becoming one. I mean you don’t have to oblige with reality, do you, when you are insane.

Grow up and get a proper job! You clearly have too much time on your hands. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being white but everything wrong with condemning them.

The only privilege we enjoy is to be descended of the greatest race of inventors, artists, scholars, explorers, warriors and philosophers ever to bestride the Earth. We aren’t sorry and we don’t owe a thing to anyone.

People opposing this dogmatic Marxist propaganda are not illogical but they are rightly angry. What is ironic is that this song is actually detrimental to its own cause.

Self hate is a mental illness created by mass media propaganda. Turn off the TV. Love yourself and your people. It’s OK to be white.

To try and bring about our psychological demoralisation people are bombarded with guilt inducing propaganda about slavery, colonialism, the holocaust and anything else that can be used to make Europeans feel unecessary shame and guilt… Doesn’t work with me. Obviously has with Sam.

It promotes racism against White people. If he changed the word “White” to “Black” or “Jewish” you would certainly be virtue signalling about how hateful it was.

Saying white people are privileged just because we are white is an argument that whites are better than everyone else.

Propaganda aside, this is a terrible song. Who thought that vocal sounded good? It’s like a bunch of people yelling run on sentences. Sad!

Who would want to be a talentless self-hating anti-white pos.

Don’t let self hating people turn you against yourself, your people or your community.

Don’t fall victim to the anti-white propaganda. Love your people, it’s OK to be white. Don’t let the system turn you against your own flesh and blood. White is beautiful.

The lyrics are politically motivated racism.The normalisation of racism against white people is getting out of control.

Oh man! I thought your album was worth a purchase…. but this political misrepresentation of a song has changed my mind. You’ve sold out. Our ancestry brought about some of the most significant changes in history. Yes, they may not have gone about things in the best way, but people learn from history. You should read true history, not the Left’s distorted view, mate. I’m going to buy eight quid’s worth of bog roll and wipe my arse on it. It’ll be better than listening to this leftist propaganda bullshit.

It’s anti white propaganda. This song is peddling the myth that white people are somehow are guilty and should feel shame. He even goes as far as to suggest that we shouldn’t exist.

Every line in the song is political and its reprehensible politics. The truth is whites have given themselves ‘privilege’. It’s a complete myth to suppose whites stole architecture and advanced culture. Race makes culture. You have to understand the nature of Marxism and political correctness.

We’ve also had innocent white children thrown over balconies by blacks. Men justifying the rape of white women; “she deserved it, because of slavery”…Race baiting harms ALL communities.

Leftists are either totally corrupt or useful idiots for powers they do not understand… Either way; they are a blight.

How is regurgitation of anti-white propaganda pushed by the system “powerful”? All this anti-white hate and self-hate is wrong and stupid. White Europeans are beautiful and kind not “evil”.

Sadly most Whites have normalised racism against their own group. They believe they are uniquely guilty for things they never did. That’s what decades of cultural propaganda can do to a people.

Your bias is showing, because it’s “white people” on the receiving end you have an apathetic mentality, yet I guarantee if this were a song targeting any other group with a collective crime you know damn well you’d be banging the war drum against this perception.

The entire establishment is pushing anti-white propaganda and this talentless fool is regurgitating it. We’re not offended, just calling it out for what it is: generic anti-white bullshit.

Imagine if someone wrote lyrics saying the same thing about Blacks or Jews… Why is it ok to be racist against White people?

It’s absolute bollocks. When we are told that concepts like ‘white privilege’ exist at an institutional or societal level so many times then sheep like you lap it up. We are also told that celebrating diversity is a British value, and that we must not question it. There is no truth [in the song], just propaganda.

It’s the normalisation of racism against White people.

It looks like Sam Fender’s song was a failure, unless his objective was to gain fame through notoriety, in which case he’s done well. His pathetic little song made him an object of derision and scorn —one person even described him as “the most hated man in England”; luckily for him, he’ll soon be forgotten about, and he’ll be just another fool in a long line of idiots spawned by the Cultural Marxist media and education system.

However, there are lots of other people who have the innate intelligence to psychologically resist the brainwashing of the Cultural Marxist Establishment. It’s heartening to see so many loyal white people making comments on the YouTube page of this song (a quick scan of the comments section shows that about 95% were against the song).

People are starting to see what’s happening in the world. With the inadvertent help of crummy little rats like Sam Fender, white people are waking up.

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