The death of George Floyd demonstrates the inherent anti-white racism of the Left and the mainstream media

White policeman Derek Chauvin kneeling on the neck of George Floyd

White policeman Derek Chauvin kneeling on the neck of George Floyd

The media’s narrative twisted for political purposes
The killing of George Floyd has been touted by the mainstream media and assorted Leftists as a terrible example of “racism” in America — which just goes to show the prevailing bias entrenched in those two groups, as the incident had nothing to do with racism.

There were four policemen present at the killing of Floyd; two were white, one was Asian (of Hmong ethnicity), and one was mixed-race (Nigerian father, white mother). Derek Chauvin, a white cop, knelt on Floyd’s neck, whilst the other three did nothing to stop him; in fact, two of them knelt on Floyd’s torso and legs, whilst the Asian policeman (Tou Thao) stopped concerned bystanders from interfering.

As it turns out, Chauvin wasn’t a racist; indeed, he had an Asian wife (an immigrant from Laos) — if he was a “racist”, then clearly he wasn’t going the right way about it.

Asian policeman Tou Thao blocked attempts from passers-by to help George Floyd

Asian policeman Tou Thao blocked attempts from passers-by to help George Floyd

The “racist” slant put onto the killing was a load of garbage. The “cry wolf” shout of “Racism!” is simply a tactic used by the Left and the mainstream media to shape matters to fit into their shared anti-white narrative.

When the police arrested George Floyd, he refused to get into the police car, and a struggle ensued. He had to be restrained — although, kneeling on somebody’s throat to “restrain” them is way out of order. He wasn’t knelt upon because of the color of his skin; it happened because of terrible policing methods and bad police attitudes (something which occurs in all countries, irrespective of skin colour).

What the killing of George Floyd was all about was bad policing — something which is apparently becoming more rampant in recent years (although it may be that such a perception is more to do with the modern prevalence of video cameras in mobile phones enabling the rise of recorded cases of police misbehaviour).

Problematic behaviour
Police have to do a hard job and they fulfill an important function in the community; therefore, their work often earns them the respect of social conservatives — however, that respect has to be earned and maintained; their role in the justice system shouldn’t be regarded as carte blanche to do whatever they want or to behave like arrogant petty tyrants.

Three policemen kneeling on George Floyd

Three policemen kneeling on George Floyd

Problematic behaviour by the police is being revealed more and more. They handcuff people and then place their body weight upon them, sometimes causing death by asphyxia; they use tasers in situations where such use of force is not warranted, sometimes causing death by heart attack; they use chokeholds to subdue suspects, even when doing so is unnecessary, sometimes causing death by strangulation.

Police behaviour can also be problematic in less lethal ways. They can escalate situations from a benign level to an aggressive one; they put on attitudes which rev up citizens and create conflict, often leading to arrest (i.e. the police create crimes); they use pepper spray against peaceful and passive citizens (usually protestors), even when doing so is against police guidelines; they abuse their authority by conducting searches without warrants (sometimes using very flimsy “prima facie” excuses); the list goes on.

Whites and non-whites involved in the killing of George Floyd: Derek Chauvin, J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Keirnan Lane, Tou Thao

Whites and non-whites involved in the killing of George Floyd: Derek Chauvin, J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Keirnan Lane, Tou Thao

It’s not racism
It seems that police often abuse their authority by using excessive force — and they do it against both blacks and whites. This is not a problem of “racism”, it’s a problem of bad police, or bad police methods.

The mainstream media love to smear as “racism” anything terrible which happens to blacks; however, when the same thing happens to whites, no such labels are attached. If you’re black and are mistreated by the police, you can be awarded martyr status by the Left; if you’re white and are mistreated by the police, the Left don’t really care.

The only “racism” related to the killing of George Floyd is the fact that the media and Left are blaming the incident on “white racism”, and that they are using this tragedy as a means of furthering their poisonous anti-white narrative.

Opportunistic rioting
The Left has been waiting for this sort of incident as an excuse to riot in the street, often using the cover of larger protests to get away with their activities. The Left aren’t actually interested in people being killed by police — what they are interested in is fomenting trouble against “the white capitalist patriarchy”, and using the opportunity as a way to gain recruits.

The riots have also provided a great excuse for low-life scum to go out and loot stores, and to steal liquor, luxury goods, and anything else that they can carry away. The behaviour of such people has nothing to do with “racism” and everything to do with stealing.

As an aside, video footage of the looting has been showing a disproportionate number of looters are black — they’re not doing much to dispel anti-black stereotyping. The worst irony of the riots is that some of the businesses which were smashed up and looted were owned by blacks, trying to get ahead in the world; for some of them, it could mean their financial undoing.

For criminal looters (mostly black), the death of George Floyd was an excuse to steal; for the radical Left (mostly white), it was an opportunity to push their agenda and promote their political goals. Neither of those groups really give a damn about George Floyd, but they’re more than happy to shout “Black Lives Matter!” as they seek to enrich themselves, either financially or politically.

Criminal looters are opportunistic thieves; Leftist radicals are opportunistic troublemakers; all of them are hypocrites.

White Lives Don’t Matter
Where were the Left when Nicholas Dyksma had his neck knelt upon by the police until he died?

Where were the Left when Tony Timpa was knelt upon by the police until he died?

Where were the Left when Justine Damond was shot down by a policeman?

The Left didn’t arrange nationwide campaigns; there was no rioting in the streets. The Left didn’t really care — because the victims were white.

Killed by police: Nicholas Dyksma

Killed by police: Nicholas Dyksma

Nicholas Dyksma
Nicholas Dyksma was a young white man who fled from the police in his car.

He was finally stopped, tasered, handcuffed, and had his neck and back knelt hard upon by some burly police officers.

Dyksma died.

But the Left didn’t riot — because he was the wrong colour.

Killed by police: Tony Timpa

Killed by police: Tony Timpa

Tony Timpa
Tony Timpa was a white man who suffered from schizophrenia. He was in some trouble, being off his medication, and so he called 911 for help; instead of dispatching an ambulance, they sent the police.

When the cops arrived, they put Timpa on the ground in the prone position, his wrists were handcuffed and his ankles were zip-tied, and a policeman knelt down hard upon his back, whilst Timpa’s face was pushed into the grassy ground. The group of police, including both black and white officers, stood around and watched while he died.

After Tony breathed his last breath, a death rattle escaped his lips, and the police all laughed at him, saying he had gone to sleep and was snoring. Oh, how they laughed and laughed.

The authorities even tried to cover up the incident by refusing to release the police body camera footage (they hid it from public view for three years), but eventually they were overruled by a judge.

The bastards murdered Tony Timpa, but — for the police — it was just another case of “We investigated ourselves and found that we did nothing wrong”.

Again, the Left didn’t riot — because he was the wrong colour .

Killed by police: Justine Damond

Killed by police: Justine Damond

Justine Damond
Then there’s the case of Justine Damond, a white woman killed by a black policeman. She called the police for help; then, when the police arrived, she approached the police car to talk to the officers, whereupon a black policeman (Mohamed Noor), supposedly scared by her sudden appearance, shot her in the stomach, and she subsequently died. Thankfully, in this case, the policeman was convicted of murder.

However, when the incident happened, there was no rioting by the Left — because she was the wrong colour.

A headline in the media about the death of Tony Timpa

A headline in the media about the death of Tony Timpa

Bad policing methods
The killing of George Floyd by kneeling on him wasn’t the first time that the police had killed someone by using that method of restraint. As noted above, Nicholas Dyksma and Tony Timpa were killed by police kneeling heavily upon them.

Pushing someone’s face into the ground whilst kneeling hard upon their back will compress the victim’s chest, making it hard to breathe, whilst kneeling on the victim’s neck will compress their throat and airway; either method can cause death by asphyxiation, whilst the kneeling on a neck tactic can cause brain death within a few minutes.

What makes it even worse is that the victim will naturally move their body, struggling to get into a position to breathe, which the police may then deem as “resisting” and then apply even more force against them.

George Floyd

George Floyd

Leftist hypocrisy
There has been widespread rioting over the death of George Floyd, with Black Lives Matter activists and radical Leftists running wild in the streets, smashing and burning property.

But why didn’t the Left riot about the incidents involving Dyksma, Timpa, and Damond? Well, it’s because those killings by police didn’t suit their anti-white agenda. As far as the Left are concerned, White Lives Don’t Matter.

When George Floyd died, it was seen as a great opportunity for the Left to riot — because he was the right colour (black) and therefore fitted in perfectly with their anti-white propaganda.

The Left are only interested in cases which fit their anti-white narrative. White people are harassed by the police all the time, but that doesn’t count; it only matters when non-whites, especially blacks, are harassed by the police.

Proportionate policing
The Left claim that blacks are disproportionately targeted by the police, citing statistics which show that, whilst blacks are 13% of the population of America, they are arrested at a much higher rate. At first glance, that may appear to be discrimination — but what the Left deliberately don’t tell you is that blacks commit crimes at a hugely disproportionate rate than whites (young black males are the worst category of offenders). For instance, although blacks are 13% of the US population, they commit a disproportionate amount of murders in the country (about 52%). Black rates of muggings and robberies are also disproportionate. Once you know all that, then it becomes clear that blacks aren’t being disproportionately targeted by the police at all.

It’s worthwhile looking at another example of so-called “disproportionate” policing. Men are disproportionately targeted by the police; even though men are approximately 50% of the population of America, they are arrested at a much higher rate than women. On the face of it, that seems to show police bias against men; however, when you take into account the fact that men commit violent crimes at a hugely disproportionate rate than women, then it’s obvious that they aren’t being disproportionately targeted by the police at all. The same principle applies to how police interact with blacks.

George Floyd

George Floyd

George Floyd, a nasty criminal

Whilst it isn’t directly relevant to the incident in which he was killed, it should be noted that George Floyd had a violent criminal past.

In 1998 he committed a robbery, in which he threatened his victim with a firearm; he went to jail for that crime. He was also convicted in the 1990s for theft and “delivery of a controlled substance”.

Floyd did further jail time for possession of cocaine, having been caught with the drug in 2002, 2004, and 2005. He was also sentenced to jail in 2002 for criminal trespass.

George Floyd spent five years in prison for playing the leading role in a home invasion in 2007, in which he posed as an employee of a water department. When the woman who answered the door became suspicious, and attempted to close the door, George Floyd barged his way in, and threatened her by shoving a pistol up against her abdomen. The rest of his gang (five other black males) then helped him to rob the woman’s home, beating the victim in the process (there were two other people in her home at the time, but whether they were also beaten is unclear). Luckily for her, Aracely Henriquez lived to tell the tale. Thanks to an alert neighbour, the police were able to track Floyd down.

The reason that the police were called to deal with George Floyd on 25 May 2020 was because a shop assistant had reported him for buying cigarettes with counterfeit money. The shop assistant had gone outside to Floyd’s car and asked him to return the ill-gotten goods, but their return was flatly refused. Floyd was reported to be very drunk at the time (his later autopsy also showed the presence of an illegal drug in his system).

It seems that George Floyd hadn’t changed; he had been a user of hard drugs in the past, and he was still a drug user. Whether he was knowingly passing counterfeit currency is a question yet to be determined. However, the fact is that he was a druggie, right up until the day he died.

As a violent criminal and druggie, George Floyd was a menace to society. Whilst he had done jail time for robberies, one has to wonder just how many other robberies had he committed, for which he was never caught. It seems unlikely that he was caught every time he committed a crime. It’s common for druggies to have to steal a lot in order to feed their habit, so it would be likely that he had robbed dozens of people, if not hundreds, over the years (although, as with most druggie criminals, most of his crimes can’t be proven).

Whilst the policeman who knelt on George Floyd’s neck absolutely did the wrong thing in killing him, and should be punished for it, the reality is that society is better off without him. If he had died from a drug overdose, he would have been just another dead druggie, of whom most people wouldn’t have given a second thought.

Considering that his autopsy shows recent methamphetamine use, even though he was out of work, it is possible that Floyd was committing crimes to feed a drug habit — how many robberies had he committed in recent times?

We don’t know how Floyd was funding his drug habit, what his recent crimes were, or how many lives he had ruined. Was he robbing vulnerable people in their homes? Was he mugging victims in dark alleys? Or perhaps he was plucking dollar bills off a magic money tree? Either way, he was definitely back on hard drugs.

Floyd has been referred to as a “gentle giant”, which is one way to put it; however, seeing the hulking frame of a six-and-a-half foot tall black man breaking into your home might just cause you to think of him as a “giant thug” rather than anything else.

The mainstream media and assorted Leftists have been eulogizing George Floyd as some sort of wonderful presence in society, putting him up high on a pedestal, almost elevating him to sainthood; but the fact is that he was a low-life drug-taking criminal scumbag. He was more of a mugger than a martyr.

Unnecessary violence and bad behaviour committed by police should be stopped, as it is a curse upon decent society, but the circumstances of George Floyd’s death shouldn’t blind us to the fact that he was a nasty piece of work, whom we are better off without.

Racism is a major problem
The killing of George Floyd has certainly brought to the forefront the problem of racism in America — except that the problem isn’t police racism against blacks, or white racism against blacks; instead, what has been revealed is the anti-white racism being peddled by the Left and the mainstream media.

In the modern multiracial state, when white police do something bad to someone of a different race, it’s a case of “racism”; when black police do something bad to someone of a different race, it’s a case of “they made a mistake”.

When whites are killed by cops, it’s called bad policing; when blacks are killed by cops, it’s called “racism”. The media’s anti-white narrative is a con, it’s a propaganda trick, it’s part of the constant anti-white brainwashing which has become standard fare in the media’s poisonous daily servings.

The narrative of the Left and the mainstream media is decidedly biased. Isn’t it interesting that when a minority of white police carry out bad policing against blacks, it’s “White racism!”, thereby placing the blame on all whites — but when a minority of blacks commit violent crimes against whites, it’s only about the actual perpetrators. As far as the anti-Westerners are concerned, if something negative happens that can be blamed upon whites, it’s all about collective guilt; however, if blacks are at fault, then it’s all about the individuals.

The Left and the mainstream media are a pack of hypocrites. The mainstream media like to pretend that they’re neutral and unbiased, but that’s a lie. The Leftist-dominated mainstream media constantly push their politics in their newspapers, radio reports, and TV shows; the apparatchiks of the media should not be considered as journalists, but as journalist-politicians.

The biggest racism going on at the moment is the twisting of the narrative to target white people. The agenda of the political Left, and of the Left-dominated mainstream media, is anti-white — they malign white culture, they vilify white heritage, and they demonise white people in general. It’s all connected to their push for white genocide, which they do by supporting Third World immigration and multiracialism. The end goal of their anti-white racism is the demise of white people worldwide — now, that’s real racism.

We need to fight back against the propaganda of the extremist Left, who have taken over our universities, and who have been brainwashing impressionable youth for many decades; we also have to expose the journalist-politicians, who broadcast bias and publish propaganda against our people, and who seem almost incapable of presenting the news in a neutral and unbiased manner.

It’s time to stop the ongoing campaign of demonisation of white people.

It’s time to fight back against anti-white racism.

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