Anti-white racism is “funny” in Hollywood

Twitter racism, 900x900We need to understand that anti-white racism in the media is a constant and ongoing process. Most of the racism will be small in nature, expressing Europhobia in small but continual doses. Anti-white racism in the mainstream media is all part of a gradual process of building up an atmosphere of disdain and hatred of white people.

Whilst the incident discussed here might seem like only a minor case of anti-white racism, we should look at it as an example of the ongoing attacks in the media against white people.

The Jimmy Kimmel Show

On the Jimmy Kimmel Show there is a often-repeated segment where celebrities read out “mean tweets” directed at them by people on Twitter. The tweets are used by Jimmy Kimmel to get a laugh from the audience, so obviously they’re meant to be funny, even if they’re mean and nasty.

Scarlett Johansson looks shocked after reading a racist tweet on the Jimmy Kimmel Show

Scarlett Johansson looks shocked after reading a racist tweet on the Jimmy Kimmel Show

There was one episode which included Scarlett Johansson, in which she read out a tweet which said

“scarlett johansson has the emotional range of a f**king celery. i hate white people”

Hollywood hypocrisy

Of course, in Hollywood, anti-white racism is meant to be funny.

However, what if that was a tweet which was anti-black?
For example:

“Samuel L. Jackson has the emotional range of a f**king celery. I hate black people.”

Would that have made it onto the Jimmy Kimmel Show?
No, of course it wouldn’t.

Twitter, Kenobarnes, 2017-09-09, ScarlettSo, why was this anti-white racist tweet considered to be so hilarious?
Well, there’s at least two reasons:
1) As far as the mainstream entertainment industry is concerned, white people don’t matter.
2) White cucks hate white people, so they’re more than happen to promote snarky attacks against whites.

If that tweet had been against black people, Twitter would have deleted that account and consigned all of their posts to the dustbin of history, disappearing into the Orwellian memory hole.
But the account is still alive and well, which goes to show (once again) that the Big Tech companies have a huge anti-white bias.
No Twitter account could utter the words “I hate black people” and live; at least, not after having been exposed on national TV.

The tweet in question is still up on Twitter.
scarlett johansson has the emotional range of a fucking celery i hate white people” (9 Sept. 2017, emphasis added).

Social Justice Warrior doublethink

The person who runs this particular Twitter account is one of those Social Justice Warrior nutcases who engages in Orwellian doublethink, using the SJW mantra of “All racism is bad; but racism against whites is okay, because you can’t be racist against white people.”

Twitter, Kenobarnes, 2018-05-01, friendlyAccording to the SJW milieu, any “reverse racism” is denied as even being racist (“reverse racism” is a spin-doctor phrase, which actually means “racism against white people”).

The SJWs try to justify this particular piece of doublethink by trotting out the twisted Cultural Marxist theory which makes claims along the lines of “Racism can only come from a position of power; whites hold the power, so no-one can be racist against whites”.

The creation of that theory is simply a Cultural Marxist tactic designed to minimise the Establishment’s denigration and demonisation of white people; it’s simply just another example of anti-white racism.

Kenobarnes (Vegan Wan) goes along with this SJW anti-white racism:

friendly reminder to all of you who STILL dont get it: reverse racism doesnt exist. simple.” (1 May 2018).

However, she became annoyed when people disagreed with her idiocy, so she trotted out the loopy SJW theory:

Twitter, Kenobarnes, 2018-05-01, SJWtheres a whole ass racism discussion in my mentions rn [right now] please Enough . you cant be racist towards a race that is not and never will be systematically oppressed.” (1 May 2018).

SJWs are the sort of people who would round up whites by the million, throw them into gulags and concentration camps, and then tell them that they’re doing it for “world peace”. They are sick and twisted individuals.

Twitter, Kenobarnes, 2018-05-01 repliesVoices raised in opposition

Luckily, there are lots of people out there who haven’t fallen for the SJW propaganda. The counter-arguments flew in, arguing against her lopsided tweet. For example, one person wrote:

Pick up a dictionary and look up the term ‘racism’. It has nothing to do with opression. You discriminate people because of their skin color, you are a racist, period. You make up your own definitions so you can hate people because of their skin color without negative labels” (Lester Mo, 3 May 2018, emphasis added).

Anti-white racism confirmed

The Twitter account responsible for the tweet, “kenobarnes” (currently known as “vegan wan”), is that of a Filipino woman.

She attempted to excuse her anti-white racism.

i just feel as though there’s the need for me to reiterate: i dont hate white ppl just bc theyre white lol this tweet was in response to the white ppl in hollywood trying to make excuses for the poor portrayal and erasure of asians in hollywood ie scarjo in ghost” (2 May 2018).

She also tried to say that her original tweet was taken out of context, but it’s kind of hard to take the statement “i hate white people” out of context.

yall really need to understand the context of this tweet though, which, funnily enough, they didnt include so” (1 May 2018).

they took it out of context” (1 May 2018).

In fact, she confirmed her original tweet:

ah yes. this tweet. i stand by my statement.” (1 May 2018).

Twitter, Kenobarnes, 2018-05-01, all of youIn the Jimmy Kimmel video, Scarlett Johansson looks shocked after reading the racist statement “I hate white people”, and she incredulously asks “All of us?

In reply, Kenobarnes (Vegan Wan) says “Yes … all of you” — which clearly demonstrates that her statement wasn’t taken out of context; she confirmed her anti-white racism, she hates white people.


Indeed, Kenobarnes paints herself into a corner as an out-and-out liar. In one tweet she says that she regrets posting her “I hate white people” tweet, but then she says that it was her “best tweet” of the decade and laughs about how she made Scarlett Johansson look horrified.

Twitter, Kenobarnes, 2019-09-05 not a daynot a day goes by that i dont regret this” (5 Sept. 2018).

easily my best tweet this decade gosh her face always gets me” (5 Dec. 2019).

Talk about crocodile tears. What a liar.

Twitter, Kenobarnes, 2019-12-05, easily my bestObviously she loved the publicity and attention that her racist tweet got her.

She hates white people

She claims that she doesn’t hate white people, but her tweets say otherwise. Her posts on Twitter drip with anti-white dislike and hatred.

my mans KNEW he was gonna get robbed by a white” (27 Feb. 2017)
(Regarding a black actor missing out on a Hollywood award.)

white people rly feeling oppressed and marginalized just by reading “i hate white people” yall are so brave for sharing your story” (1 May 2018)

yall really taking this so personally ? at the end of the day, scarjo is still a rich privileged white who probably lost no sleep over that tweet but yall rly acting like i personally murdered your families” (2 May 2018)

im not even shitting yall theres a white kid on our flight who clapped when we landed i wish i could Breathe” (6 May 2018)

perhaps i no longer am a white man’s whore” (2 Oct. 2018)

god didnt give white people lips for a reason” (26 Nov. 2018)

are these the same white people who tell any non-white, non-english speaking person on american soil to immediately leave their country” (25 Dec. 2018)
(Re. a young white woman, standing blindfolded on a footpath in Asia, offering free hugs, with a sign asking for donations)

Twitter, Kenobarnes, 2019-07-08 Little Mermaidthe little mermaid and mulan have both, in a span of a week, managed to piss off so many white ppl in one go im so” [happy/laughing] (8 July 2019)
(This was regarding white roles in movies being played by non-white actors.)

white vegans rly think undergoing photosynthesis is a culture” (29 Dec. 2018)

In her defence, Kenobarnes is a well-balanced person (because she has a chip on both shoulders).

Yet more anti-white racism, in the same video

By the way, if you watch the entirety of the Jimmy Kimmel video, it includes several snarky attacks on white people (i.e. slandering white people as a whole, not attacks against individuals).

And how many attacks were there on black people in the same video?
Do you really need to guess?
Here’s a clue: It’s a round number (0).

Here’s the anti-white comments in the video:

1) “scarlett johansson has the emotional range of a f**king celery. i hate white people” (0.20min.)

2) “i bet tom holland is one of those whities who clap when the plane lands” (1.27min.)

3) “Okay, how did the coolest blackest dude in the galaxy end up with some whitebread-ass name like ‘Chadwick’?” (2.08)
(“whitebread” is a racist reference to white people.)

If any mainstream TV show included such snarky comments about black people, it would be very quickly taken off the air, but attacks on “whitey” is considered okay.

Hypocritical Hollywood — heaping the hate on white people, as per usual.

Anti-white propaganda

The ongoing anti-white racism in the mainstream media is constant. Sometimes it’s very obvious; but, more commonly, it’s sly and underhanded — a myriad of continual slander, slurs, and snarky remarks, all building up an overall impression which creates an ongoing distaste and dislike for those with white skin.

White history is picked apart for anything that could be considered negative, but all of the negativity associated with Asian history and Black history is virtually ignored.

The denigration, demonisation, and deligitimisation of white people is standard fare for white cucks and other anti-whites. It’s also standard for them to promote multiculturalist and multiracialist propaganda. It’s not a conspiracy, but simply an embedded part of the anti-white mindset; anti-white cucks are instinctively critical of white people, white history, and white culture — their anti-white racism is part of the very fibre of their being, so much so that it oozes out in almost everything they do, like a poisonous gas infecting the cultural landscape.

Anti-white attitudes are an integral part of the Multiculturalist ideology — it’s like a noxious weed that won’t stop infecting our society until it’s cut down and destroyed.

That’s why we need a cultural revolution to promote the worthiness of the existence of the white race — to celebrate our achievements, history, heritage, and culture, as well as to stop the ongoing immigration-driven demographic genocide of white people worldwide.

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