Dear Multiculturalists, You Suck

Megan Rose Dickey

Megan Rose Dickey

Can you imagine seeing published, on a mainstream website, an article with the title “Dear Black People, You Suck At [Anything]”? [Insert the name of any subject you like.]

It’s not likely, is it?

If you wrote an article with such a title, no matter what the subject was, you would immediately be labeled as a “racist”, and it would be more than likely that you would end up being sacked from your job, with any future career prospects going down the drain.

But articles attacking White people are published all the time with impunity.

The Tech Crunch website recently published an article entitled “Dear White People, You Suck At Diversity”. The author, Megan Rose Dickey, a Black woman, decided it would be fine for her to make some sweeping generalisations about White people; she wrote:

“When white people in tech open their mouths about diversity, I tend to brace myself. More often than not, it seems like they say something tone-deaf, outright offensive or lacking in an understanding of intersectionality.”

If a White person wrote sweeping generalisations about Black people, he or she would be attacked in the media. Even if they wrote an article about statistic averages (i.e. not generalisations) regarding Blacks, it is odds-on that they would be slandered as “racist”.

But there are major hypocritical double standards at the very heart of the Multiculturalist Establishment. They have little or no interest in cases where Whites are the victims of racism. However, if there is even the smallest hint of “racism” against non-Whites (even if it actually isn’t racism at all), then all hell breaks loose.

Under any regime of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness there are “protected species” of humans; these groups have a much higher level of immunity from persecution than run-of-the-mill Whites, especially White males. These “protected species” include:
* American Indians, Blacks, Eskimos, and anyone else who is not White
* Disabled people
* Feminists
* Homosexuals, Lesbians, and Transgenders
* Muslims
* Women (but not so much for stay-at-home mums, though)

If you want to attack or slander White people in general, then you have a lot more latitude to do so, as they are not a “protected species” under the rule of Multiculturalism.

The authors of anti-White articles are unlikely to get in trouble for writing such diatribes, and the newspapers or websites which publish them are unlikely to be attacked. Articles imbued with anti-White racism virtually get a free pass in today’s society.


Because our current cultural-social-political establishment is dominated by people who are advocates of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness, both of which are political ideologies with a deep-seated anti-White bias.

The advocates of Political Correctness pretend to be interested in the welfare of everyone, but they are not; they are more than willing to stand by and be silent whilst racism against White people occurs.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Political Correctness.

Dear White People, You Suck At Diversity, Tech Crunch, 14 December 2015
Megan Rose Dickey, Tech Crunch

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