The Alpha Phi sorority and the crime of being too white

The Alpha Phi sorority at the University of Alabama released a recruitment video, on YouTube, of its members having a good time and enjoying each others’ company. But the resulting howls of hatred from the minions of Political Correctness were deafening; and they were gleefully aided by the usual troublemakers of the mainstream media.

AlphaPhiSorority1aCondemnations were issued about the sorority’s lack of “diversity”, and accusations of “racism” were levelled against them. Racism? What did these young women do? Did they burn crosses on their front lawn, don KKK uniforms, and demand blacks sit at the back of the bus? No, none of those things. Their crime is that they exist. They were living and breathing whilst being white. To merely exist as a majority-white group is now a social crime, punishable by immense hatred and harassment spewed forth by the mainstream media.

Why are the torch-bearing mobs of Political Correctness attacking the Alpha Phi sorority?

The answer is obvious — anti-white racism.

Multiculturalists, liberals, globalists, the Politically Correct, nation destroyers — or whatever you want to call them — hate white people; and the very thought of a group existing, which is majority-white, throws them into a mouth-frothing rage.

Put on display a group which is majority-Asian, and you will hear their collective sighs of pleasure miles away. Reveal a group which is majority-black, and they will be jumping for joy. But show them a group which is majority-white, and they will be horrified and outraged. Why the difference? Because they hate us. They hate white people. They hate the very existence of the white race, and want to see us destroyed via “diversity” (i.e. Third World immigration and multiracialism, leading to white genocide).

There are Asian, Black, and Mexican sororities in America, but they don’t receive the targeted hatred of the Politically Correct mobs and the mainstream media. Why not? What could be the possible reason for only white sororities being targeted because they are not “diverse”, but not non-white sororities? Clearly, the people responsible for the attacks are anti-white racists. The hypocrisy of those who are “Politically Correct” is immense.

AlphaPhiSorority2aThe Politically Correct often talk about the supporters of the white race as being “haters”, but it is they who are the true haters; they always were, always will be.

The Alpha Phi sorority’s video received 700,000 views on YouTube before it was pulled down, the sorority retreating in the face of the media-fuelled outpourings of hatred and vitriol directed against them.[1] Not only was the sorority attacked for being “too white”, it was also attacked for being too blonde and too pretty.

Dillon Cheverere, in an article on the Total Frat Move website, made a good point.

“ To watch that video in its entirety and come away with a reaction other than “look at these cute college girls having fun while making a silly video to attract new members” is beyond my comprehension.

. . . If the university’s hip-hop club put together a recruitment video featuring every member of their club, would you be up-in-arms if it showed nothing but young black people?

Like-minded students who relate to one another — it doesn’t make them exclusionary. It means they want to hang out together, and that’s not cause for a public shaming.”[2]

AlphaPhiSorority3aYou might think that the feminist movement might step in and defend these sorority sisters, but no; they indulged in the public bloodletting as well. Presumably, if the sorority women all had short haircuts, tattoos, and were dressed in boiler suits, then they would have had the approval of the feminist apparatchiks. Instead, the Alpha Phi females were attacked as being “Stepford wives” and “hyper-feminized”. Never mind that the sorority women are what feminists would otherwise promote: intelligent, independent, and university-educated females who are on-track to get ahead in the world.

Rachel Varina, on the Total Sorority Move site, defended the college group, making it clear that her brand of thinking feminism is about women making their own choices, not caving in to radical feminist stereotypes.

“We have the right to represent ourselves however we want. That’s what feminism is about.”[3]

But for the PC crowd, none of this was good enough. They hate the sorority women because they are young, pretty, and white — and because they dared flaunt their existence in public. Apparently, if you are going to be white, you need to keep quiet about it. It would be no surprise if the “diversity police” hounded the sorority endlessly, until they let a quota of black women into their group, even if they didn’t meet the sorority’s usual academic or other standards; because “diversity” is not about having different groups of people, it’s about disempowering white people, demonising white people, and — ultimately — getting rid of white people.

If you want true diversity, and want to see the continued existence of Western Civilisation, then support the existence of your white nation at every opportunity. Supporting a sorority which is under attack from anti-Western zealots may not be the biggest way to defend Western Civilisation, but it is a start in the right direction; it is one step on the road of righteousness, and we need to take as many steps as we can on our journey to reclaim the future of our people.

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