A Low Blow for Justin Trudeau [poem]

Justin Trudeau, okay, not okay, 900x900[A piece of poetry regarding the controversy about Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, who has been in trouble in the media for wearing blackface, in his younger years, on stage and at parties. Photos revealed to date have shown him dressed up as Aladdin (the Arabic fictional character) and as Harry Belafonte (the black singer).]

They seek him high, they seek him low,
They’re looking around for Justin Trudeau

At donning disguises, the man is an ace,
Dressed as a woman, or wearing blackface

Justin Trudeau in blackface photo, 900x900One day he’s Aladdin, then a black singer,
But now he’s being put through the wringer

The media told him that he’s racist and slack,
“Not true!” he cried, “I just wanna be black!”

Relevant reading:
Justin Trudeau in blackface drama, Western Loyalist, 20 September 2019

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