Justin Trudeau in blackface drama

Justin Trudeau in happier days

Justin Trudeau in happier days

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, is in the news because it has been revealed that, back in his earlier days, he wore blackface performing in theatre and going to parties. Photos reproduced in the mainstream media have shown him dressed up as Aladdin (the Arabic fictional character) at a party, as Harry Belafonte (the black singer) on stage, and as a “Sambo” in a poor-quality video.

Trudeau often bears the standard of the Social Justice Warrior creed quite high, demanding that people bow down to his ideology, or else. But what’s going to happen when he’s on the receiving end of a lot of SJW angst and anger? Will he apply the same standard to himself as he and his kind have applied to others? Will the Left readily forgive him, because he’s one of their own, or will they throw him under a bus?

Now, slapping on some black makeup to go to a party as an African or Indian character should be just a bit of fun; after all, if you’re going to dress up as Aladdin, Gandhi, or Muhammad Ali, you would look silly trying to do it with a white face. Putting on some blackface, or brownface, would be quite appropriate in those circumstances.

If a straight white male, 900x900However, the Social Justice Warriors, who love to act as though they’re being constantly offended, have decried the use of blackface, telling everyone “That’s racist!” But, then again, what’s not “racist” nowadays?

It seems that just about anything a white person does is deemed to be wrong — after all, the Cultural Marxist method is to demonise, deligitimise, and denigrate everything that white people do.

On the other hand, should black people whiten their faces, well that’s okay. Because “that’s a different situation” — yep, it’s always a “different situation” when the tables are turned. If a white person says or does something, then that’s terrible, and they should be crucified — but if a non-white does the exact same thing, then it’s a “different situation”.

White Chicks (2004) movie

White Chicks (2004) movie

For example, when the movie “White Chicks” came out in 2004, with two black men dressed up in whiteface to look like white women, the media didn’t attack it as racist — of course they didn’t, because different standards are applied to black people and white people by the media. However, try making a movie about two white men dressed up in blackface to look like black women, and see how far you get without being mauled by the media, and lynched by the Left, for being “racist”.

The double-standard used against whites is not only hypocritical, it’s also “racist” — treating people differently because of the colour of their skin — but, isn’t that what the bleeding hearts and Leftists have been campaigning against for decades? Ah, well, it turns out that if it’s whites on the receiving end of racial discrimination, then that’s okay, because — as always — “that’s a different situation”.

It shouldn’t actually matter if Justin Trudeau has ever worn blackface or not. Who cares if he did or not? It’s just a bit of fun (perennially offended people notwithstanding). However, it is a bit amusing to see the Leftist revolution, as always, eating its own children.

Is Trudeau fit to govern Canada? No, he’s not — but that’s because he’s a useless weak-kneed anti-Western liberal, not because he used to dress up in makeup and costumes many years ago.

Justin Trudeau with some female friends

Justin Trudeau with some female friends

Justin Trudeau as Harry Belafonte, singing "Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)"

Justin Trudeau as Harry Belafonte, singing “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)”

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