Get on to Gab [poem]

Get On To Gab ( lot of Big Tech is actually run by the Left,
When it comes to free speech, they are really bereft;
They block us, they ban us, they make us disgusted,
If you express an opinion, they cannot be trusted

In rainbow ivory towers, all those Leftists do dwell,
They’ll ban the good people, but why, they won’t tell;
They act kind of dodgy, and won’t ever speak straight,
It feels like you’re living in a Communist state

They say “misinformation” when your views don’t agree,
So you need to get out, you need to be free;
You know Facebook, and the rest, are just kind of drab,
So do the right thing — and get on to Gab.

Note: The frog image used in this post was created with Gab’s AI art programme.

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