The Marxist Teacher [poem]

[A piece of poetry about Communist and Leftist teachers brainwashing students in our schools.]

I’m a revolutionary Marxist
And I’m teaching in the schools;
The parents think I’m great,
But I treat them all as fools

They think I’m teaching kids
To research, read and write
— Actually, I’m recruiting them
To join Marxists in the fight

I laugh when parents praise me
And regale me with applause,
As I’m getting all their children
To support the Leftist cause

I love to brainwash kiddies
With my Communist opinions;
I indoctrinate them all
And make them Leftist minions

* * * * * * *

Our schools are a wide blue sea,
Full of hungry Leftist sharks;
Students enter as good citizens,
But leave as minions of Karl Marx!

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