Antifa brainwashing students

A recently-released video, from the good people at Project Veritas, shows a Leftist teacher caught on a hidden camera admitting that he misuses his position to indoctrinate school children.

Gabriel Gipe, a teacher in California, was recorded by an undercover Project Veritas reporter bragging about how he would give his students extra credits if they engaged with a variety of Leftist causes.

Photographic evidence showed that he prominently displays on his classroom walls both an Antifa (Anarchist-Communist) flag and a poster of Communist leader Chairman Mao.

Most Leftist teachers hide their political biases, whether they be Socialist, Marxist, Crypto-Communist, or otherwise; although, such covert Leftists may even be more dangerous than the overt radicals, because they subtly and secretly brainwash school children into Leftist ideologies without people realising what they’re up to.

At least with the Communist revealed in the video you can see exactly what you are getting. However, how many parents are aware of the Leftist indoctrination that is going on in his classroom?

The state-run education system is riddled with radical Leftists who are misusing their positions in order to turn our schools into indoctrination camps, churning out generations of brainwashed minions.

Teachers should not be using their employment to brainwash and recruit students.

Any teachers who are abusing their positions of trust should be sacked.

We need to overhaul the education industry, clean it up, and restore it to its proper purpose as a way of educating students for the greater benefit of themselves and society.

Let’s get rid of all the Communist teachers, and make education great again!

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