The Irish Elite vs. the Irish

The streets of Dublin are burning, Store windows are being smashed, The Garda are under attack, And police cars are being trashed The people of Ireland are angry, They’re being lied to, day after day, About the immigration end plan, ’Cos that’s the government’s way The Great Replacement is here, To change the entire scene; […]

Syrian refugee stabs children in French playground

A Syrian refugee has gone on a stabbing spree in a French playground. This lowlife from the Middle East deliberately targeted children and toddlers, indicating that he was either mentally deranged, or wanted to kill French children as a political statement, or both. In video footage of the incident, the Syrian attacker can be seen […]

The fires of Saint-Brévin: Chickens coming home to roost?

Asylum seekers and the Mayor of Saint-Brévin French Leftists have plans to bring large numbers of so-called “asylum seekers” into the centre of the town of Saint-Brévin (located on the west coast of France), and situate the “reception centre” near to a school, even though it is widely known that non-white immigrants are associated with […]

Angela Merkel and other traitors

Angela Merkel and her fellow-travellers in Europe are determined to change the face of Western Civilisation forever; it is their intention to transform the heartland of the European peoples into a multiracial continent, wherein the population is to become a mixed-race conglomerate — a process brought about by high rates of Third World immigration, combined […]

Abortion and population decline

Many people in the wider Nationalist movement treat the issue of abortion as purely a matter of person choice and not as a wider political issue. However, the fact is that abortion has had a significant impact upon the decline of the West, as it has been a major contributing factor to the decline of […]

Muslim immigration, background checks, and the three agendas

Well, it appears that the official US government background checks on Middle Eastern immigrants are not that effective. No surprise there. US immigration officials carried out a background check on Tashfeen Malik (from Saudi Arabia, although born in Pakistan), the Muslim terrorist who, with her husband (Syed Rizwan Farook, American-born of Pakistani ethnicity), murdered 14 […]

Are you helping the future of your people?

It is all very well to oppose, in principle, Islamic terrorism; but if you don’t actually do anything to oppose its source in the real world, then you are next to useless. Islamic terrorism is enabled in the West by those who support Multiculturalism and Third World immigration. From those two major factors comes the […]

My name is Paul Weston, and I am a racist

[A speech by Paul Weston, made in London on 19 June 2013. A transcript of the video is provided.] Hello, my name is Paul Weston, and I am a racist. I know I’m a racist because I’m told I’m a racist by a great deal of people. The hard Left think I’m a racist, the […]