Alert over mysterious terrorists

A report on the Sky News site (via the Reuters news agency) says that the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Brussels were cancelled because of the possibility of a terrorism attack from militants — but it doesn’t even mention who these militants could possibly be. Brussels cancels NYE events over terror alert Authorities in the […]

Shannon Johnson, hero of San Bernardino

In the midst of the Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Shannon Johnson shielded a 27-year-old female co-worker, Denise Peraza, with his own body during the shootings; he died, but she lived (Denise was shot once in the back, but survived). This is a true hero — someone who places their life at risk in […]

Muslim immigration, background checks, and the three agendas

Well, it appears that the official US government background checks on Middle Eastern immigrants are not that effective. No surprise there. US immigration officials carried out a background check on Tashfeen Malik (from Saudi Arabia, although born in Pakistan), the Muslim terrorist who, with her husband (Syed Rizwan Farook, American-born of Pakistani ethnicity), murdered 14 […]

Capital punishment exposes Rudd’s hypocrisy [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 20th November 2008 The recent execution of the “Bali Bombers” in Indonesia was met with relief by many in Australia and hysteria by some in Indonesia, mostly supporters of J.I. [Jemaah Islamiyah] who one would think would be celebrating that their religious brothers would now be spending eternity being pampered by a […]

The real threat is Islam, by Jared Taylor

[Jared Taylor considers various Islamic terrorist attacks, and wonders how many deaths it take before Western “leaders” recognize that the problem is Islam.] Once again, Islam has struck back at the infidel West. Gunmen dressed in black hoods entered the office building of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, and murdered most of its staff. They […]

Paradigm shift: Multiculturalism isn’t working, by Joe Priestley

[Joe Priestley writes about Multiculturalism after the Islamic terrorist bombings in London and the chaos in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.] By Joe Priestley, 6th October 2005 The 3rd of April 2004 was as a significant day in the development of British society. On that Saturday morning the establishment let it be known that they […]

Terror suspects — the root of the problem, by Nick Griffin

[Nick Griffin looks at the connection between Islam and terrorism.] By Nick Griffin, 1 March 2005 The terror charges levelled at Gloucester Muslim Sajid Badat have yet again provoked a flurry of liberal media speculation about what it is that leads ‘respectable’ and well-educated youngsters into positions where they end up accused of plotting to […]