Deck the Halls with Allahu Akbar

Whilst Christmas carols are being banned in some schools, other schools are telling their children to sing “Allahu Akbar” in a song at their end-of-year “Holiday Concert”. Well, actually, the kiddies are not “their children” — but the little tykes certainly are the recipients of the continuous propaganda being pushed upon them by Multiculturalist teachers, […]

Eligible for rape? [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 29th April 2005 Sheikh Fa’ez Mohammed’s less than complimentary views of our nation’s women has certainly caused a stir to say the least. “A woman wearing clothes accentuating her beauty is ELIGIBLE FOR RAPE”. Eligible for rape? How nice of him, and spoken to a crowd of 1000 Lebanese Moslem males in […]

My name is Paul Weston, and I am a racist

[A speech by Paul Weston, made in London on 19 June 2013. A transcript of the video is provided.] Hello, my name is Paul Weston, and I am a racist. I know I’m a racist because I’m told I’m a racist by a great deal of people. The hard Left think I’m a racist, the […]

Food and respect: Vin de loo, by Joe Priestley

[Joe Priestley writes about Multiculturalism, Indian cuisine, halal food, and Islamic ritual animal slaughter.] By Joe Priestley, 9th September 2005 The multiculturalists go on about the debt we owe third world immigrants, but when asked for details, even after lengthy consideration the best they can come up with are the supposed delights of what they […]

Terror suspects — the root of the problem, by Nick Griffin

[Nick Griffin looks at the connection between Islam and terrorism.] By Nick Griffin, 1 March 2005 The terror charges levelled at Gloucester Muslim Sajid Badat have yet again provoked a flurry of liberal media speculation about what it is that leads ‘respectable’ and well-educated youngsters into positions where they end up accused of plotting to […]

Islamic Awareness Week: Our contribution, by Nick Griffin

[Nick Griffin reports on the creeping Islamification of Britain. Includes links to some audio files made by the BNP in conjunction with several Sikhs and Hindus.] By Nick Griffin, 24th November 2004 Monday 22nd November marked the beginning in Britain of an officially sponsored “Islamic Awareness Week.” In schools, colleges and local newspapers up and […]