Seeing the trees but not the wood, by Joe Priestley

[Joe Priestley writes on the mainstream media and the lack of understanding about problems within society.] By Joe Priestley, 1st June 2005 I don’t know which establishment newspapers are the most popular amongst readers of the BNP’s website, but it would be interesting to find out. My guess is that the Daily Mail and Mail […]

RWB 2005 Resolutions, by Joe Priestley

[Joe Priestley writes about the British National Party’s Red White and Blue festival.] By Joe Priestley, 28th August 2005 In spite of enjoying a wonderful weekend with my wife and our three children at the 2005 Red White and Blue festival, I set off home on Sunday after the event had finished with a feeling […]

Paradigm shift: Multiculturalism isn’t working, by Joe Priestley

[Joe Priestley writes about Multiculturalism after the Islamic terrorist bombings in London and the chaos in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.] By Joe Priestley, 6th October 2005 The 3rd of April 2004 was as a significant day in the development of British society. On that Saturday morning the establishment let it be known that they […]

Food and respect: Vin de loo, by Joe Priestley

[Joe Priestley writes about Multiculturalism, Indian cuisine, halal food, and Islamic ritual animal slaughter.] By Joe Priestley, 9th September 2005 The multiculturalists go on about the debt we owe third world immigrants, but when asked for details, even after lengthy consideration the best they can come up with are the supposed delights of what they […]