Seeing the trees but not the wood, by Joe Priestley

[Joe Priestley writes on the mainstream media and the lack of understanding about problems within society.] By Joe Priestley, 1st June 2005 I don’t know which establishment newspapers are the most popular amongst readers of the BNP’s website, but it would be interesting to find out. My guess is that the Daily Mail and Mail […]

Sweep it all under the carpet, by Nick Griffin

[Nick Griffin writes about attacks on the free exchange of information in Britain, ethnic mayhem in Holland, and how the Multiculturalist way with uncomfortable facts is to sweep it all under the carpet.] By Nick Griffin, 17th November 2004 Two non-reports in the last few days highlight the way in which the left-liberal ‘elite’ — […]

The disturbing story of the appeal of the swastika for many young Britons, by Nick Griffin

[Nick Griffin looks at how modern-day “Nazis” are created by the mainstream media and Politically Correct propaganda.] By Nick Griffin, November 2002 I was talking to a pair of 16-year-olds in a town in northern England the other week. Bright kids, who not so long ago would probably have been able to take the grammar […]