Alert over mysterious terrorists

A report on the Sky News site (via the Reuters news agency) says that the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Brussels were cancelled because of the possibility of a terrorism attack from militants — but it doesn’t even mention who these militants could possibly be.

Brussels cancels NYE events over terror alert
Authorities in the Belgian capital Brussels have called off the city’s traditional New Year’s Eve fireworks display, citing fears of a militant attack.
On Tuesday, federal prosecutors said two people suspected of plotting an attack in Brussels on New Year’s Eve had been arrested during house searches in different parts of the country.
‘Together with the interior minister, we’ve decided to not have the celebrations on Thursday evening,’ Brussels mayor Yvan Mayeur told the state broadcaster RTBF on Wednesday.

Gosh, could it be the Amish, Baptists, Catholics, or Lutherans?

It’s so hard to figure it out.

After all, it’s not as if the media would deliberately hide from us who the militants are, just so they don’t do any damage to the Multiculturalist agenda — no, the media would never do that, would they?

Hopefully someone will be able to figure out who this secretive band of militants are. They sure sound like a dangerous group.

Oh well, at least we can rest assured that, no matter what their ideology is, our governments will make sure that no-one belonging to such an ideology will ever be allowed to immigrate into our midst — because, as you know, all Multiculturalist politicians have the best interests of their people at heart — don’t they?

If anyone can work out who these mysterious terrorists are, could they please let us know?

Brussels cancels NYE events over terror alert, Sky News, 31 December 2015
Sarcasm, Oxford Dictionaries

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