Deck the Halls with Allahu Akbar

Whilst Christmas carols are being banned in some schools, other schools are telling their children to sing “Allahu Akbar” in a song at their end-of-year “Holiday Concert”. Well, actually, the kiddies are not “their children” — but the little tykes certainly are the recipients of the continuous propaganda being pushed upon them by Multiculturalist teachers, […]

Ham sandwiches to be banned?

The effects of Third Word immigration and Islamification continue. Some new guidelines on “communal kitchen etiquette for the workplace” have been drawn up, to be presented to employer groups. High on the list of things not to do is to put your ham sandwiches (or other pork products) in the fridge at work. How soon […]

Terror suspects — the root of the problem, by Nick Griffin

[Nick Griffin looks at the connection between Islam and terrorism.] By Nick Griffin, 1 March 2005 The terror charges levelled at Gloucester Muslim Sajid Badat have yet again provoked a flurry of liberal media speculation about what it is that leads ‘respectable’ and well-educated youngsters into positions where they end up accused of plotting to […]

Islamic Awareness Week: Our contribution, by Nick Griffin

[Nick Griffin reports on the creeping Islamification of Britain. Includes links to some audio files made by the BNP in conjunction with several Sikhs and Hindus.] By Nick Griffin, 24th November 2004 Monday 22nd November marked the beginning in Britain of an officially sponsored “Islamic Awareness Week.” In schools, colleges and local newspapers up and […]

Winston Churchill criticized Islam in his book, The River War

[In his book The River War, Winston Churchill expressed some of his thoughts on Islam. Churchill had been a lieutenant in the British Army, and served in the Sudan, amongst other places, where he had plenty of opportunity to observe and consider the ways of Islamic society. Here is the relevant extract from his book.] […]