Angela Merkel and other traitors

Angela Merkel, traitor 1550x775Angela Merkel and her fellow-travellers in Europe are determined to change the face of Western Civilisation forever; it is their intention to transform the heartland of the European peoples into a multiracial continent, wherein the population is to become a mixed-race conglomerate — a process brought about by high rates of Third World immigration, combined with the gradual miscegenation of the native Europeans. The same process is to be visited upon all other majority-white lands of the world.

Politicians like Angela Merkel are the primary movers in the Globalist plan for “one brown man”, the creation of a world without ethnicities, nations, or races.

If it were not for traitors such as Merkel, the Great Replacement would not be happening. Without the slimy hands of the traitor politicians upon the steering wheel of the vehicle of state there would be no mass immigration of Third Worlders into Western countries.

All of those political “leaders”, and the cultural “elite”, who are planning, enabling, and supporting the Great Replacement are betrayers of their own people — in the highest sense of duty to people, nation, and race, they are moral criminals and traitors to their own kind.

The movers and shakers of the anti-Western milieu — sometimes called the New Class, or Traitor Class — are motivated by feelings of guilt because the nations of the West are far more affluent than the countries of the Third World. As is common amongst Multiculturalists, this guilt is founded upon the biased stories of “colonial exploitation” and “racism” spread by Leftist teachers and the manipulative media.

The psychology of the typical Multiculturalist reasons that if they could bring millions of Third Worlders into Western countries, then they will gradually breed with the Westerners, eventually creating a “raceless” society, thus ending “racism” forever — and if the Westerners won’t breed with the Third Worlders enough, well, it won’t matter, because the mass immigration pushed by the traitors (Multiculturalists, Globalists, cosmopolitans, etc.) will ensure that the white race is replaced by non-white immigrants anyway. This is how the traitor politicians deal with their White Guilt Complex, and make themselves feel good inside — by destroying Western Civilisation and the white race, an ancient race of people who had hitherto survived for thousands of years, building one of the greatest civilisations that the world has ever seen.

These traitor politicians are aided by the traditional voting patterns of the general public, who unthinkingly stick to their long-held patterns of political behaviour, whereby they just keep on voting for the major parties of the Establishment, because that’s what they’ve always done, and because the media reinforce the idea that the big parties are the only viable options for running the country.

A major problem is that the public are so used to being “informed” by the mainstream media that they don’t realise when they are the victims of propaganda. The mainstream media is overwhelmingly dominated by Leftist and Multiculturalists, who usually have little sense of balance or fair play when it comes to presenting the news. However, it is the subtle propaganda which is slyly embedded within entertainment productions (movies and TV shows) which are the most effective vehicles that the Left have to mould, shape, and change the views of the public. We have been constantly psychologically manipulated for so long, that it can be very hard for the ordinary person to see behind the curtain.

If it wasn’t for the anti-Western propaganda in the media and the education system (both industries dominated by Leftists), then it would be far more difficult for traitor politicians to obtain a grip on power.

The rise of the internet is a major tool for those loyal to the future of the West. With social media (especially alternative social media outlets, such as Gab and VK), loyalists can more easily spread their message. No doubt this is why moves are being made by the political elites to curb the power of the internet (supported, of course, by their fellow-travellers in the mainstream media).

The Globalist authoritarians cannot stand to see any opposition to their multiculturalist and multiracialist ideology, which is why moves are already afoot to terminate alternative social media outlets, either by stopping access to avenues of support (which is already occurring) or by blocking access to internet sites which host politically dissenting views (which is happening in countries like Australia, where the government has directed internet service providers to block customers from accessing various sites which host dissenting political views).

Now is the time to strike whilst the iron is hot, whilst we still have the freedom to do so, to get out there — both on the street and on the internet — and spread the message of racial survival and the primary message of loyalty to one’s own kind.

Globalist politicians like Merkel, and their accomplices, must be stopped. Only those people who are awake to the dangers facing Western Civilisation can end the genocidal plans of the Great Replacement. It’s up to each of us, as individuals, to do what we can — and, combined with the efforts of others in the wider movement, we can do it!

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