The fires of Saint-Brévin: Chickens coming home to roost?

Asylum seekers and the Mayor of Saint-Brévin French Leftists have plans to bring large numbers of so-called “asylum seekers” into the centre of the town of Saint-Brévin (located on the west coast of France), and situate the “reception centre” near to a school, even though it is widely known that non-white immigrants are associated with […]

Genocide — but where are the refugees? [by Andrew Phillips]

By Andrew Phillips, 13th July 2006 Horrific. The word is an understatement. The images began with the pink and black charred corpse of a white baby who had been wrapped in newspaper and made a human torch in front of her parents. The same parents whose anguish was mercifully stopped with the slash of a […]

White survival: Beyond Left and Right, by Jared Taylor

[Jared Taylor argues that conserving the American founding stock should be beyond politics. This is the transcript of a talk Jared Taylor delivered at the National Policy Institute conference, hosted at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, 27 February 2015.] The theme of this conference is “beyond conservatism,” and I’d like to start with […]

The Building Blocks of Genocide

Genocide: The destruction of a distinct people by acts of violence or demographic displacement, e.g. immigration-driven genocide. Legal oppression: The implementation of laws designed to harass, fine, and jail the defenders of a people; passing laws against free speech to silence those speaking out in defence of their people, e.g. legally perverse so-called “vilification” laws. […]