The fires of Saint-Brévin: Chickens coming home to roost?

Asylum seekers and the Mayor of Saint-Brévin
French Leftists have plans to bring large numbers of so-called “asylum seekers” into the centre of the town of Saint-Brévin (located on the west coast of France), and situate the “reception centre” near to a school, even though it is widely known that non-white immigrants are associated with disproportionately high rates of crime (especially those of African and Middle Eastern ethnicity). In effect, the Leftists are putting the children of Saint-Brévin in danger of being bashed, raped, and murdered (along with other citizens of the town).

Faced with the possibility of Leftist-created mayhem and murder, some French citizens took matters into their own hands, and fire-bombed the property of the town’s Mayor (Yannick Morez). No lives were lost. However, the attack had an effect, with the Mayor resigning soon afterwards. The attack, and the subsequent resignation, were reported in the news.

“The mayor of Saint-Brévin, threatened with death, resigned after the arson of two vehicles and his house following the project to install a reception center for asylum seekers.”

Some have compared the attack to the Boston Tea Party — a criminal act which was the harbinger of the American Revolution.

There is a quotation attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte (in a movie) which some people have been repeating as of late, perhaps because of situations like this.

“He who saves a nation violates no law.”

What has brought Western society to this point of violence? Is it the fault of terrible Far Right activists? Or is it a case of the Left’s chickens coming home to roost?

The underlying cause
In the late 20th century in many Western countries, approximately from the 1960s and 1970s onwards, the Left initiated a programme of immigration-driven demographic genocide against white people. The subsequent cost in human lives has been horrendous, with a river of blood created by the actions of non-white criminals against white victims. Enoch Powell was right, as many knew all too well at the time.

The Left then created a new political ideology, Multiculturalism. This was followed up with the creation of a related political ideology, Political Correctness. They started off as ideologies of purported “compassion, niceness, and tolerance”, although they soon enough revealed their true nature — one of hatred, nastiness, and intolerance for political opponents.

In order to back up their genocidal actions, the Left brought in neo-Communist laws to stifle the free speech of those who would speak out against Third World immigration, Multiculturalism, and multi-racialism. They have fined and jailed people who have protested against the destruction of white societies, and some patriots have died in the process.

They created a new, politicised, class of legislation to destroy their political enemies — hate laws. Suddenly, all opposition to the Left’s plans for white genocide was being described as “hate speech”, and the Multiculturalists’ political enemies were fined and jailed.

Multiculturalist authoritarianism
Nowadays, the Left — aided by Cuckservatives — strive to have nationalists and “racists” sacked from their places of work, or have their businesses destroyed, so that patriots and their families should suffer and starve. They have banned many patriots on social media, and definanced others. Allegedly, they have even sunk so low as to rig elections. They have even banned patriots from using banking services, a lowlife tactic designed to cause the maximum amount of financial and emotional suffering to their political enemies (and their families). Both the Left and their Cuckservative allies support white genocide and Multiculturalist authoritarianism.

This evil alliance of Leftists and Cuckservatives (who can collectively be referred to as Cosmopolitans) has been working towards a long-term goal of white genocide, primarily via Third World immigration.

The Left is committed to destroying Western Civilisation in all areas and aspects of society. Destroying culture, smashing freedom of speech, undermining parental rights, destruction of the family unit, discrimination against fathers, destruction of religion, promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism — there is no low to which they will not stoop. They have even been promoting the libellous concepts of “white privilege”, “cultural appropriation”, “mansplaining”, “masculine toxicity”, etc. — all elements of a propaganda drive against the people or norms of traditional Western societies.

Cosmopolitans are evil
The Cosmopolitans are evil people who are hell-bent on destroying Western Civilisation and causing the death of the white race, as well as ensuring that massive amounts of rapes, robberies, bashings, murders, and untold savagery occur along the way. It is quite possible that some of those genocidal maniacs are harmed, as a consequence of their evil actions; however, it is doubtful that their experiences would even be one-thousandth of the sufferings that they have wrought upon other people.

God only knows what their evil political laws and dehumanising campaigns have done to many patriots, let alone the millions (yes, millions) of white people who have suffered as victims of non-white criminals. How many victims of non-white rapists, thugs, and murderers does there have to be, before the evil machinations of the Cosmopolitans are stopped? How many white children, women, and men have to be bashed, abused, raped, and murdered at the hands of the Cosmopolitans’ imported minions before enough is enough?

So, forgive us if we don’t cry crocodile tears for those who would destroy us.

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