Syrian refugee stabs children in French playground

Syrian refugee has gone on a stabbing spree in a French playground

A Syrian refugee has gone on a stabbing spree in a French playground.

This lowlife from the Middle East deliberately targeted children and toddlers, indicating that he was either mentally deranged, or wanted to kill French children as a political statement, or both.

In video footage of the incident, the Syrian attacker can be seen ignoring a screaming mother as a target, and then goes after an infant in a nearby pram; this indicates that his targets were kids, as he could have easily stabbed the mother.

Only by viewing the video can the incident be properly understood (insofar as is possible with a short video). The brief video footage has been censored by most media outlets, and by Twitter (where multiple copies of the video have been removed), but it can be viewed on Gab, Rumble, and on the New York Post’s website.

The fault for this violence in France lies squarely on the shoulders of the politicians, journalist, teachers, and activists who have campaigned to bring Third World immigrants into Europe. African, Middle Eastern and Central Asian immigrant populations have long been disproportionately connected with crimes of violence and sexual crimes.

If all of Europe had barred all non-white immigration, this horrendous attack in France would not have happened.

Rapes in Sweden, killings in France, sexual assaults in Germany, Islamicist terrorist attacks in various parts of Europe, the list goes on. If all non-whites had been banned from immigrating to Europe, the whole continent would have been a lot safer.

But Leftists and Cuckservatives don’t care about the people; they would rather that untold numbers of Europeans be killed, than they not advocate for more Third World immigration in their push for the Great Replacement.

How many more white people have to be murdered, stabbed, raped, or bashed before the people rise up and overthrow their evil overlords? Quite frankly, it cannot be done whilst they are under the influence of Leftist teachers and an anti-white mainstream media. We must first destroy the psychological shackles that bind our people before we can free them. This is why it is so important to “red pill” as many people as possible.

Our people must wake up to the dangers that face them, otherwise thousands more people will be stabbed, bashed, raped and murdered.

It is our duty to wake the sleeping giant of white pride worldwide.

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Syrian attacker moves towards a mother and child

Syrian attacker leaning over a pram

Syrian attacker, with a knife visible in his hand

Syrian attacker, walking with a knife in his hand

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