Wax on, wax off — the “Jessica Yaniv” story

Jessica Yaniv, 900x900The nutcasery of the Canadian “Human Rights” industry continues, this time with trans-person “Jessica Yaniv” (formerly known as Jonathan Yaniv) conducting lawfare against Brazilian waxers who won’t wax “her” male genatalia. And, no, this is not a joke.

So, this “Jessica Yaniv” has been contacting waxers via social media, asking about their “Brazilian wax” services, and then acting all surprised when they have refused (for those few who don’t already know, a “Brazilian wax” is a procedure whereby a practitioner removes some, or all, of a female’s pubic hair by applying hot wax to the area, and then ripping it off — a somewhat painful procedure, by all accounts).

Apparently, “Jessica” has contacted a load of Brazilian waxers, sometimes using a social media account which shows him clearly to be a man. When the waxers tell “Jessica” that the procedure is only for women, they are then informed that he is a “trans” (transgender). But they still say “No”.

Oh, the humanity! What sort of world do we live in, when a poor defenceless girl can’t get her testicles waxed?

Perhaps not surprisingly, Robert Stacy McCain says that Yaniv is a problematic person: “Feminist bloggers have accused Yaniv, among other things, of having a perverted obsession with menstruation and a creepy fixation of pubescent girls. Yaniv once ran the Facebook fan page of the Cimorelli sisters, a singing group who became popular on YouTube, and it is now alleged that he engaged in predatory behavior with the group’s young female fans”.

The plot thickens when it is realised that “Jessica” identifies as a “lesbian”. So, here we have a male who identifies as a female, but who is sexually attracted to women, who has an unhealthy obsession with young girls, and who wants women beauty workers to wax his testicles.

This clearly-deluded man, masquerading as “Jessica Yaniv”, has been taking those poor waxers to the Human Rights Tribunal in British Columbia (Canada). Sixteen waxers were reported by Yaniv to the Thought Police. At least one business has closed down over this matter.

Of course, when the phrase “Human Rights” is used, it is meant in an Orwellian sense — as the so-called “Human Rights” industry is not all about helping people with their “rights”; instead, they actively oppress people who dare to disagree with the ratbag Left’s social-political agenda. Whoever gave these star chamber groups their name, with “Human Rights” in it, must have been having a real chuckle at the time.

The usual process with these laughingly-named “Human Rights” shindigs is that any idiot can make a complaint, which costs them little or nothing. Then the victims of the complaints, facing fines, and possibly jail, have to hire a lawyer to defend themselves, which can costs thousands, even if they win — and their legal expenses are usually not reimbursed, even if they beat the charges laid against them. So, even if they win, they lose.

In the meantime, the instigator walks away scot-free. And the “Human Rights” judges have a good laugh over it, as they sip their chardonnay and munch on their quiches (all bought with their ridiculously high taxpayer-funded salaries) — it’s a good life for any Leftist proto-fascist who enjoys stomping on the rights of ordinary people with the legal equivalent of hob-nailed boots.

There’s not much point in blaming “Jessica Yaniv” for his legalistic bullying. The real fault lies with the “Human Rights” industry, or, more accurately, with the governments who have produced such hell-spawn, and who continue to fund the whole ungodly mess. Various governments have supported the creation and continuance of Cultural Marxist bodies who use lawfare against citizens. Those governments have knowingly and deliberately placed legal weapons in the hands of nutcases, radicals, and malcontents — and then they act all surprised when innocent people are attacked by their star chambers.

When the “Human Rights” industry ends up with problems which have turned into a big nasty mess, the politicians pretend that it’s nothing to do with them, and — just like Pontius Pilate — they proceed to wash their evil hands of the whole matter. However, the entire fault of the Thought Police bullying lies with the politicians and their deliberate government overreach (usually the various Human Rights Gestapos are created by Leftist politicians; but they are rarely, if ever, removed by any Rightist politicians when they hold the reins of power).

David Marcus has written that the outcomes of the transgender agenda have “real-world implications that should give the left enormous pause”, but that presupposes that the Left cares.

The fact is that nutjob Leftists don’t care about who they hurt in their scramble to dismantle Western Civilisation.
* Did you lose thousands of dollars in a Human Rights Tribunal case? Good; if you were accused of something, then you must have deserved it.
* Did you lose your business? Great to hear; you’re obviously capitalist scum, so we hope you lose everything.
* Did you lose your job? Fantastic, because if you’re not with us, then you’re against us, or are a tool of the racist sexist patriarchy.

Loony Leftists love to inflict pain and suffering upon their opponents — and that includes anyone who doesn’t agree with every skerrick of their Leftist agenda.

The Human Rights industry has little or nothing to do with human rights — they are an integral component of the Left’s police state apparatus, designed to crush citizens and destabilise Western Civilisation, as part and parcel of the Cultural Marxist agenda.

The Jessica Yaniv situation may be seen as one of the most extreme examples of the misuse of Human Rights courts; but, in fact, the entire so-called “Human Rights” setup is based upon Police State intimidation, Thought Police tactics, and political bullying.

It’s time to end the nutcasery, and close down the entire “Human Rights” industry. We need real human rights, not Leftist lawyers hellbent on oppressing the public. We need the right to free speech, the right to not be dragooned into calling men “women”, and we need the right to be free from political oppression — whether that oppression comes from “Human Rights” hit-squads or any other government jackbooted organisation.

Most of all, we need to return to having a decent society.

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Note: The word “nutcasery” may not be found in the current dictionary, but the nutjobs of the loony Left, and the various Human Rights commissions, are trying their hardest (by their actions) to make it a widespread term.

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